Me luv "ultimate frisbeeeee" ~~ =D

yeahh~ its a new sport i picked up during my 2nd sem in foundation year~ For those who have
no idea what is it, how is it played, or still think that its a game for dogs, you should click HERE to find out more about it!~ ;D

I've been training hard for it, as it is now my favorite sport~ I went to Taylor's Ultimate Open 2009
last Saturday~ Played for Nottingham's frisbee club A.K.A. Nottingham Oops~That makes me an Oopster now =D

Oops! ><||

Because of this, I am sun burnt and is very VERY tanned now! I feel like a snake, skin is
peeling all over my face! Its not like i didnt apply any sunblock.. I did.. once... for the whole day.. xD Overall is still a whole lotsa fun. It was my first ultimate frisbee tourney and im looking forward for more, improving myself every now and then.

Commenting on the games~


Another reason for my sunburn =)
Dear all,
sitting under the sun doing nothing, may lead to something painful.
Please do no follow this bad example.

Owh yeah, credit goes to Johnny Wong for all the great pics!~

Borneo Bristle Head players in GREEN~

Give this sport a shot! It is highy addictive! =P It also emphasizes on one's sportsmanship,
spirit, and team coordination~ very important to work out strategies! =D I'll most probably post more about it anytime soon.. Its 1am now and i have to work later today! so.. chiao~!

Group pic!~
(Don't waste time indentifying faces, I could barely find myself =S)



Work work~

Yeah~ I got the job~ Its the one i had an interview for mentioned in my previous post xD~~
I'm working for the mega sales event in Mid Valley Megamall~ To put it simply, im working directly under Mid Valley's management group, under a group of people working out this mega sales project.

So far, I'm just being paid to walk around mid valley to collect vouchers, sponsored gifts and stuffs like that. BESIDES THAT, I'll be sitting at the office doing almost NOTHING most of the time ~
Today is the 3rd day, which was much busier compared to the other days~ since I had nothing to do at all, I've been helping whoever that need help <_<||

Sitting at some unused spot, and STILL gets paid =)
(it could get quite boring tho =O )

OWH BTW! The Mega Sales event is starting tmr!
Saturday 4th of July! People in the office was hectic like hell~ I could actually feel their stress just by looking at them -.-|| It was like rushing for an assignment that needs to be pass up the next day. To make it worse, you have to aim for perfection as well since your lecturer is checking on your process every hour. THEY WERE EXACTLY LIKE THAT! Apparently many things were not fully prepared for the event =\

Helping the graphics team... stood for hours CUTTING PAPER -.-||
kaki lenguh giler T_T

*My colleagues are very nice people~ funny bunch of people as well xP*

I think I would be very VERY busy from tmr onwards~ cant come online as often... can't play dragonica (ketingallan level T_T).. can't spam youtube videos.. BUT!! I'll try my best to update my blog with anything i find interesting! xD

Drop by and say hi if you ever spot me at Mid Valley!


Happy shopping this sales season!~