Ready to go~!

Had my last paper on Thursday. All I can say is it was the worst among all papers! Anyway! Similar to last year, I am ciao-ing off right after exam again!~ Last year, it was a 5-day trip to Lang Tengah~ This year, I'll be off to USA in a work and travel program by Speedwing~ Hahah! Time for a good night sleep!~ ciao~

All done!

6 days left!~

My parents just gave me a pre-departure lecture, along with all the USD I might need when I first get there. As most parents would advice, I sat and listen like I usually do (no sex, no drugs, etc etc). I still remember there was this one time my mum said "in case of anything, remember to use a condom!" and I totally stunned there LOL!

Tomorow morning, my parents would be flying on a vacation to Hong Kong. Which also means that after tonight, I won't be seeing them until probably 4 months later! Going to miss many people in Malaysia and you might just be one of them! ;D

Won't be able to laze around in the mornings..
makan pillow!

Definitely gonna miss some idiots, here are some whose pics are conveniently lying around my desktop =X


Theres a world out there, waiting for me to explore ;)


Happy birthday Ivan!~

Gave Ivan a surprise over at Christy's place!~

His side of the story:
Head over to Christy's place, pick her up and go to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner with the rest of the gang. He thinks that other people were already hanging around that place.

Our side of the story:
Most people head over to Christy's place early to get ready for the ambush. Plan was to let Christy stall him at the entrance with his eyes closed while everyone creep towards him to give him some SPLASHING surprises! Everyone was very well hidden from his sight, well done!

My story:
Sesat jalan =(

Hope you liked our lil surprise :D

Vid created by me! Just for your birthday ivan =P
Happy birthday once again!


Studying at mcD~

Screw that previous post, I'll make this post before taking that break till next Thursday! As I was studying since after dinner till around 11pm, I felt terribly hungry! Suddenly craved for Mc Donalds. It is also then, I found out from Derick(Black Hamster) that they actually do delivery 24/7. Pretty amazed that I could peacefully study while waiting for food to arrive, I thought of a better idea. Which was to study there at mcD's straight!

2 noobs

Me myself~

I called up my buddy Simon aka Weng Chiew and asked if he wanna go study there. He was up for it, AND SOOOOOO, we went to the mcD outlet in Bangi and studied there till about.. 3.55am? Quite productive I would say despite talking about all the nonsense that randomly came into our minds (oh you know what I mean, Simon)~ Thats how spontaneous we are ;D :-

1) Call
2) Share plan
3) Execute!

Surprisingly, that outlet seems to always have ppl queuing up..

He didn't wanna eat.. complaining about him getting fat etc etc..

Arghhh! *nom nom nom*
(he who didn't wanna eat, couldn't resist at the end =) )

After filling up my stomach, its all hardcore studying (+ trash talk + this and that). All went surprisingly smooth! Monday's paper? It's massacre!!

The beginning..

Full concentration!

My notes! >=(

The halftime entertainment..
(Facebook stalking included)

The end!

Left after we couldn't handle the stress!
Simon: I think... I'm done for toady... x_x

Hah! And now, I am officially taking the update-break-for-exam-purposes leave! wheee!~ (Actually I'm not that happy about it at all =\ ) All the best to those who will be facing exams! ;)


Stardeee stardee nights (and days) ~

Time to study, taking a break from blogging until next Thursday!

Feels so do or die =\


Another trip up the hill~

Made another trip up Broga Hill this morning. This time, its with most of my E&E classmates. Several friends and I reached pretty early, at about 5.30am but we only started hiking at around 6am as we waited for others to reach. Heard the girls were preparing sandwich and stuff, damn semangat lol! =P

Apparently hiking up Broga isn't as tiring as last time anymore. Means I'm more fit now! xD owh owh anyway, we went up at a relatively more relaxed pace. However, by the time we reached the first peak, the Sun was already out ~ so much for seeing sunrise that day ;P

Took many pics, some are nice but most of the pics appeared to have an abnormal colour. I guess I have a lot more to learn about photography =X

Solos =D

Groupies =D

"Tengok itu weh!" pose

Aduh ter-pokai!

Act cool fail!



And finally!
And then I return to campus, I slept the whole day away. I even missed pick up, was pretty tired due to lack of sleep! Sorry for missing pick up though =|.


Testing on P100~

I recorded myself playing Konayuki from 1 Litre of Tears on the piano using my new Nikon P100. Results were great. In full HD, my laptop even lags trying to play it properly -_-|| . Audio quality was excellent with a stereo microphone. Video quality is not as good after conversion and editing for youtubing purposes, but sound quality maintains, which was more important in this case ;)

I was testing out different video effects, and was too lazy to re-edit it back to original~ Thus the random video effects shooting out of nowhere. Also sort of played the piece slightly faster than it should be though, but owh well... Enjoy! =X

Meet my new partner, P100! ;D ~

Its during the PC fair weeks ago when I bought myself a new camera~ The Nikon Coolpix P100 is now officially my digital eye! Although many people suggested that I go for an SLR instead of a bridge camera like P100, I still decided to get it anyway. Why you ask? It was semi-sponsored by my dad. LOL.

Yes its freaking long at full zoom.

DSLR cameras are a bit out of my budget for now. Those which I can afford, does not support video recording which is quite a must for me. Since I'm going to work in the US for the coming summer break, might as well get a better DSLR then if I decide to. Moreover, my new partner has BRILLIANT HD recording functions! It can go sporty too, recording up to 120 fps and 240 fps IN SLO-MO (awesome stuff!).

Picture quality ain't DSLR quality, but it is of good quality. One thing I find impressive is the burst mode going up to 10 fps at FULL SIZE. Not to forget, I am pretty impressed by the 26x optical zoom(aperture drops though). It has several functions for both amatuer-advanced level users and beginner point-and-shoot users. I am somewhere stuck in between, still exploring different functions and different effects of photography~

Enough talk, photo sample time~ First day test results, I'm pretty sure it can do better though (I'm not totally noob.. okay maybe I am =\ ). At the same time, showing off my new University of Nottingham sweater ;D

Dude, say hi to them readers.
P100 : *whispers* hiiii~
Me : WTH!

All time favorite background!
(because its the nicest I can get in my room)

Red, not a good colour to ber-emo.
(There were other colours available, I like this one the most.
Other colours appeared boring in my opinion, but looked good
and suited many other people ;D )

I got mine customized~! ;D

Hoping to take more nice pictures in Alaska next month! Shall start improving now~ until next time, ciao!~