Oh oh! Just a few weeks ago, I was elected the new captain for our frisbee team! yayyy :D
I was happy but confused at the same time. Whatsoever, I promised them my best effort and they'll see nothing less than a 100%! =D


On the other hand, I'm getting busier as work start to pile up on me. School work, Wall Street Club stuff, frisbee stuff. Sometimes things are more difficult than you think though. I thought assignments were a piece of cake, until the day I start doing them a few days before the deadline. =P I thought shooting a video was easy, until I realise how hard it is to capture my imagination through the perspective of a lens. Such obstacles are never something that stops my progress (probably just a minor slowdown though ;P).

Sneak peek of my vid-to-be!
So much hassle just to prepare the 'main character' >.>

"What is the 3 things you miss the most back in your teenage days?" is what I was asked the other day. Putting in some serious thoughts, I found out that the things that I miss are actually really simple and probably doesn't make any sense at all =X Well here they are! :~

The carefree days I used to live
(Not like I'm not now, just less!)

Out of control overeating-ness!
(Stopped for fitness purposes ;O )

And finally...

Hell yeah! Too bad a terrible flood took all of them away from me.
Otherwise I'll still be around Pwning them noob kids! :D

O yeah~ those days, those days~~ However, somethings will always stay the same ;)