Aloha! I may have found the reason for the high percentage of obese people in the states. Everything here is so convenient! Food here is good too(supposedly unhealthy at the same time) , can't stop munching =( Back to topic, chores here are easier done. For example, they have drive-through services for many other buildings besides food outlets. The one in the picture below, is a bank! You can deposit checks or cash and stuff, or whatever thats done over the counters in banks WHILE laying your lazy butt in on the driver's seat!

I've been thinking a lot lately due to the death of a good friend. I thought of many major incidents, thought of many "what ifs" in my life. Incidents where I had to choose a path along the crossroad. What if I were to walk a different path? What if I were to grow up in a Chinese school? What if I were to mix with the wrong bunch of people? What if I were to go to another college or university? What if I were to stay in Malaysia during summer? Yeah, all these.

On the other hand, I also slipped in some time to think of incidents which are totally out of my control, occurrence of matters I had no choice but to accept. I imagined how things were to be if it didn't happen. It is quite entertaining to think of these, as I eventually fall asleep.

Whatsoever, throughout the past 4 years, I've already started living with no regrets. I accept whatever thats life brings me. Everything is balanced, there will be times of happiness and sadness. I always tell my emo friends, "If things were to be good all the time, it would be boring and you wouldn't have any stories to share! Bad things have to happen every once in a while alright?"

(Actually, I have to thank larry for always reminding me "life is like that wan lor") =)

Now, I don't care much when I approach another crossroad. Not like I don't think about where it may lead. Whether or not my choice was the best of all, its up to me to decide, because I make the best out of it. I believe hanging on to this belief had made me a much better person, and it filters out all the trash along my journey of life =P

Alright alright, I typed a lol too much to bore you guys now haven't I? Time to go sleep! Its 2am over here~ and one last thing, whoever thats in any form of dilemma now, if you can't decide, just flip a coin and let it guide you! Go for it ;D

Don't chicken out or you'll never progress at all~