Of Water and Flour~

Nottingham Open today was HARDCORE! I'm once again burnt like charcoal. Overall I think everyone performed well, few mistakes here and there. Oh well, we're learning to be better! My team got 4th place out of 10 teams! I think its not TOO bad already, but we can do better =D

Walaaa!~ I'm officially 20 now! No longer a teenager, feels so much wiser! Also, thanks a lot to my Oopster teammates for uhm.. pouring flour and water on me? LOL! Lucky the pool was closed during the tournament =P Owh btw! I just received a call from a friend, wishing me happy birthday and all. I thought it'd be like any other calls, until damn many ppl started singing me a bday song~ Thanks a lot guys and girls, appreciate it! =)

Anyway, I injured my left foot during the tourney. Landed on my heel too hard, its slightly bruised now. Didn't notice it until everything was over~ was still happily running around (in pain) during matches x_x soooo damnnnn tiredddddddddd~~ ciao~


Oops! Here we go again =O ~

"Nottingham Oops!" have been training real hard~ It is time to put those stuff into good use once again! Nottingham Open is roughly 8 hours away~ This time its definitely going to be tougher than any other tournaments I've ever played in. Whatsoever, thats not stopping me from giving it my best! I've trained really hard for the past few weeks. Lets all play for the best! Be it Oops!1 or Oops!2 ~~

We're ONE team! >=D


(Credits to Eugene)

What ever happens happens! Lets see what would be the outcome later today!~ Rest well people~ =)