Just Another Dinner~

As mentioned in the previous post, I went to Shangri La for dinner. Lemon Garden is the name, had buffet with tonnes of seafood! I am not a big fan of sea food, thus its just another normal buffet for me =X. Whatsoever, since i didn't really take any proper meals on that day, I think I might have lost all appetite for food. Its the first time I've eaten so little in a buffet-style meal! Oh well, all is good =P

Lemon Garden~

Flowery =X
(Sawa Ko, me, Zoe)

What're you up to, Zoe?

At the same time, Nottingham's Annual Dinner is held AT THE SAME PLACE! Which is then, we decided to crash their party after dinner~ Met some familiar faces there, snap some pics and so on. A few different groups of friends were spotted having fun (probably) during annual dinner~

Course mates~ E&E! (+ few other)

Also spotted Mr. Anthony and Ms. Jesslyn ;D

Also, Frisbee peeps!
(majority of us didn't attend the main event, just crashing in =X)

sneaking in for a shot!

There were flashes everywhere, people snapping pics of other people and food =P Not to forget people posing around the hotel for the sake of their pics taken! Photos were still snapped even at the car park, which is how I get to be in this awesome-album-cover-feel kinda pic below! =D

For the after party, the seniors and I went down to 7AteNine along Jalan Ampang. The place is very comfortable, not to mention the sofa is so damn comfortable I could've just slept there! Not much pics from there, but you can probably guess what could've happen with a bunch of happy ppl in a bar =X

Overall, Its just another awesome night,
Just another dinner ;)

(Pic above weren't from that day, just wanna post it up LOL)

(Thanks to Mr. Chin Ren Yi for most of the pics posted! =D )


Stone Rock Earth Soil~

I'm burnt once again thanks to frisbee AGAIN. It was Sunway King & Queen's Hat League yesterday and boy did I have fun! Thanks for organizing such an event, David. Although I didn't manage to get any medal for myself, I think I pretty much enjoyed being there. My legs were cramping so badly last Thursday and I played this league without fully recovering. Kinda regret that, but I can't help it.. I ended up cramping in the last match too =X Here are some pics of that day, thanks a bunch to Darren Ng =)

Vodka for breakfast anyone? =)

Met different people, played different styles~


Some monkey expression I have..
By now, you can see the cramped up muscle on my right calf already x_x


After that tiring league, Alvin, Zoe Sze Jin and I ciao off to Sze Jin's place to bathe and get ready for that night with the rest of our frisbee people at Shangri La for dinner~ will be updated with pics soon! ciao~


a certain residence of house 105, TTS 5 are DRUNKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Hit me~

My roommate has a strange fetish of humping beds.

Rawrr! My bed!!

To be honest, I have no idea when it all began.. but I have a little clue on how it probably started =D

One fine day, when i returned to my room...
His laptop was on the bed..
Just when I decided to use it to check up some stuff, I saw something i wasn't suppose to see!

Nothing suspicious? ...
Check out the link, he was searching for manga under the ECCHI category LOL!
Enough nonsense. =)

Anyway, I realized that it has been more than a month since my last post! Despite having all that drafts and articles I typed, somehow i just didn't wanna click on the "publish" button. After re-reading what I typed, I thought it was quite crappy and just let it go, forgotten.

Last week I was a little confused, due to recent incidents that occurred in my family. It is then that I asked myself a question often asked in a round of Black Jack. Which is, 'Should I be greedy?'. Knowing the risk of losing the game, at the same time knowing the chances of surviving with a win. However, it is more difficult for me to answer the same question in real life as compared to a round of Black Jack because the wager isn't all about money anymore. But worry no more! It is yesterday that I've made my decision...


With that, I'm now moving along that path I've chosen. Whatever outcome that awaits me, theres nothing much I can change ;D