Go free~

I went to cyberjaya yesterday. Nothing special. I know. But in this case its different! I went there in the middle of the night, totally unplanned LOL!~ nvm nvm, lemme just type out the full story~

Yesterday after dinner, Deepak called around 10pm to ajak Dan and I to mamak just to lepak. Talked about many things, bullshits and non-bullshits =P lasted around an hour or so, went back to campus at around 12am~ When there was a power shutdown around semenyih =\

Could've just escaped without paying! but.. me good boy xD

Dan + Dee's candlelight supper~

Deepak was asking "would you follow me back to kepong if I say i wanna go there now?" and I went "yeah sure"
~Altho the plan kinda failed, we felt so free spirited that night. No idea why, but we just wanna drive somewhere LOL! After some discussion,we decided to pay Cyberjaya a visit~~

Mana pegi ni..hmm..

I brought my laptop along~ I had digi broadband services thanks to my sis xD I borrowed it from her to test the connection on campus~ Its out of 3g coverage, but EDGE was usable. Good enough for facebook and msn both at the same time~ ;P


Me <3 mobility ="D

Called Weng Chiew a.k.a. Simon out to lepak around~ had a pleasant chat at Old Town somewhere around his campus, MMU. Probably stayed there for around an hour~ drove back, and we're back on campus! Slept at around 3.45am and was GG-FIED the next day =)

Somewhere around Lim Kok Wing uni ;D


The Ten of Swords, Reversed~


Last week was a harsh one~ many things happened in such a short time, draining my strength
physically and mentally. Even when I did a tarot reading for myself, several 'bad' card were in sight LOL! One of the worst card would be a reversed(up side down) Ten of Swords, which means destructions and ruins. I'm not superstitious or anything like it, but the meaning of a certain cards really make sense.

Sunrise? Hmm.. time to get on with life i suppose~

In my combination of readings, this card shows that my luck is already at its worst. So what eh? It is also thanks to this experience that I realised things could only get better from now on ;D For instance, my hair is now growing the way i want it to grow LOL!

Blekkk ;)
(I got darker, true or false?)

Nahh, thats just a minor part ~ =P Another good news is I made it to the 1st team of Notts frisbee team! Apparently, the team members were assigned based on a certain physical test results. This was pretty unexpected as I messed up one specific acuracy test during the try-outs. Whether or not the seniors did their best is another story but it doesn't really matter. This is not permanent, I would be training harder from now on to keep myself in the 1st team! xP

As my senior Alvin once said..
Alvin : Pain is the measurement of strength! ;P

Of Lanterns and Instruments~


Simple lantern decorations in my garden~

Also known as Lantern Festival to some ppl. This year is a rather quiet one since there aren't any relatives over at my place~ ;D Like previous years, I did a lot of nonsense too. I don't even know why I like doing these nonsense. Have you ever felt like burning stuff when theres a lighted candle in your hand? Owh well~ what is done has been done~ xD

Burning dried/dead shoots
(see? I dont harm them =P )

Cremation of a fallen flower~

Okay~ Enough crap. I have an announcement to make!! If you follow my blog often enough, you would've seen my entry regarding my piano exam. My piano teacher showed me the result slip today~I PASSED AND AM OFFICIALLY A FINAL GRADER! xD

Yeahh!~ double the happiness!~