It is 3.11am in the morning now. I can't sleep, tired but not sleepy somehow. I feel so IMBA now! Just so u know, I've copied this from incase you have no idea what the hell is IMBA lol!


A gaming lingo.
imba (short for imbalanced) is derived from Strategy games (e.g. Warcraft) or MMOs. It is usually used to describe when a player or a character gets way too powerful to defeat that it becomes unfair/impossible for the opponents to play against him. Which results in everybody (mostly the opponents) to give up. Almost invincible. It is mostly used as a praise rather than a complain.

When not used in context to a game, it means elite, awesome, the best or unbeatable.

Everything I see feels so imba-ly imba now!!!

These flowers are so imba!

Broga hill so imba!

UNMC so imba!

This parking lot so imba!

This sign board so imba!

William so imba!

My roommate so ri-tat-tet-ly imba!

I feel so imba-ly lifeless and bored now!

In actual fact, I'm just feeling so imba-ly cool I gotta snap an imba cool pic of me and then make a superbly ultraly imba blog entry to show you people how the word IMBA is being abused by most gamers around malaysia!

"OMG! that is so IMBA!"



I'm one of them IMBA dudes!






Nahh~~ I'm still too IMBA cool for it!

Good bye, good night~ =D


Boring-est Saturday =.=ZZzzz

Today has got to be the most boring saturday ever. All I did today was watching movies all day long! I can't find better things to do (although i realised there are more beneficial stuff like STUDYING). I went for a pretty long jog this morning. About 40 mins. Got really tired after that and sat at the garden. I realised theres a spot around my garden where I could actually see the sunrise very clearly. Its a place where I need to climb through some bushes and all that. So I stoned there until it started getting warmer and warmer @@||

I went back to sleep after bathing. Had a really really strange dream again. Few days back, I dreamed about investigating some strange symbols on the floor with 2 other seniors. This time, its the same thing. Only difference is this time it wasn't with 2 seniors. Instead, it was with 2 random girls whom I have no idea who are they. I woke up as soon as one of them was about to tell me something. This time everything was so real I could remember all the details of the dream!

Whatsoever, I only slept for about an hour. After that, I began watching movies stored in my laptop one by one all the way till 6-7pm. I was home alone till 4pm+ when some relatives came over, they left right after dinner around 7pm+ and I continued stoning infront of my laptop, searching for movies to watch. Today was a really unproductive day, but I enjoyed lotsa movies that touched my heart T_T Anyhow, this post is just another boring rant about my boring day.

What do you do when you're bored eh? ;D


Beauty of Solitude?~

I have many friends. Don't ask me how many, but there are many people whom I consider
good friends. I think these connections have their way of reaching me someway somehow. In other words, I'm blessed with great friends. I do feel grateful that these people came across my life. Although there are some who already strayed far out of my circle of friends, I still smile to myself when I think of the good times we had together ;D (explains why I've been laughing to myself quite often lately =P)

Lately I've been looking forward to hang out with a certain people. I would text them or call
them up just for fun~ However, for unknown reasons, I also have very strange mood lately. At times during the night, I'd get a sudden urge to walk around campus alone. I don't know how to put it in words, but I feel very peaceful and calm, I can also see issues clearer in different perceptions. =)

I always enjoy the presence of good friends~ Making them laugh brightens up my day too xD~
I guess I've never really changed much since several years ago~ I still go after the same goal afterall ~ ;P Only thing is that now I'm beginning to enjoy an environment where nobody can interrupt me in my thoughts. xP