Too bad =\~

Heyya all~! I haven't been posting for weeks! Its not like nothing happened or anything, just that I'm getting lazier and lazier. Which is terribly bad. Although exams are over, my 'sem break' only lasted 3 days before my second semester begin =.=! You would never guess what I did for that 3 days. I suddenly had the urge to re-watch a japanese drama, 1 Litre of Tears. LOL!


Probably because I can't be too happy about exams finally over. I just had to do all these nonsense. On another note, this story seems much more sadder compared to when i watched it 4 years ago. I wonder why hmm? could it be that I became more sentimental and all? LOL! People change alright =X

screw it.

Anyway, I think I've told you that my roommate is a retard. But now, he is also a TERRORISTS! probably due to the influence of mass COD4 recently =O

Imma bomb ya!

And heres a vid of me attempting to take down that terrorists! wahahaha!!



Before I actually publish my draft on this issue, I'd appreciate it if any one of you would like to share what you think about it first. I decided to point out a few of my personal opinions after seeing the most redundant racist discussion in my life LOL! If you feel bored and lifeless, go ahead and check that "discussion" out HERE

So much for studying hard for exams... sigh..

FML 9 9 !!!

Heyyaa~~ How has 2010 been? Good things happing yet so far? =D

Well heres my first FML moment of 2010!

As I prepared my stuff for pick up later this evening..

F M L !
And its not totally dead! It ran towards me when I knocked it outta my shoe! WTF!
Hurray for my first FML moment! =D


Happy new year!~

There goes another year~

Goodbye year 2009! xD

New year resolution for 2010?




Nothing I can think of now =)

To be honest, I'm never really good with these things~ The only times where resolutions are made are pretty much random for me. Whatever comes, comes alright? I think I'm better off living every year like that xD