Before I actually publish my draft on this issue, I'd appreciate it if any one of you would like to share what you think about it first. I decided to point out a few of my personal opinions after seeing the most redundant racist discussion in my life LOL! If you feel bored and lifeless, go ahead and check that "discussion" out HERE

So much for studying hard for exams... sigh..

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ee jane January 15, 2010 at 2:46 PM  

I don't study..people races and culture,
I don't even read the news (= =)

But if there's one sentence I need to say, it's "So much for growing up"

Being racist is being biased.
It all comes down to tolerating and not pushing our preference or what we think is right on other people.

Humans got a long way to go.
If everyone is smart and can think well, we probably wouldn't be on earth now.

They speak of 1malaysia
(i do not know what the hell is the concept about - don't read news)

But they can start by not giving different rules, special treatment and preference for people just because they are of same colour or of same god.

It's like survival of the fittest, dish out those special rules so people can just move on concentrating on being better happier people, than waste time trying to wipe people of different colours off the face of the earth.

They (the racist) probably want to compare to feel better of themselves or so other people can just praise them while they don't do anything.

Anonymous January 18, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

saya bersetuju dgn cik jane! =P :D

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