Exams are less than 2 weeks away and I have not touched a single note. Owh no no no don't go "huh?!" or "OMG!" with me coz I know many of you who are just like me! *high 5* xD and for smart ppl such as mai seufff (quote barry)~ we will get our studies done on time anyway! Right?! *double high 5* xD

Dan: did u hear wad he said? I think he called himself smart...
William: nah, I think he's just kidding.. not funny tho...

Me: OMG i choked at my own joke! xD
Sean: *stoned*
Caleb: (Lets just pretend we didn't hear anything)... *turns away* what were u saying??


You see, most people like us have this little nerd in ourself. When pressured(harassed) by exams or deadline, that inner nerd will take control of our body and do the right thing automatically! In addition, we get more efficient when exams are just around the corner~ as the saying goes:~

~When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!~

*probably didn't use it right... its okay, this wasn't from the smart nerdy me ;3 *

Me: Hi. My hobby is studying.

note: for those who studies most of the time, even when exams are years away... they're probably very easily pressured LOL~

LAWL! My sem finals would start at 11th of January. THATS SO NEXT YEAR! =3 But then, I've decided to be a good boy and return to campus tmr to get some hardcore studying done! Its not like I can't study at home... there are too many distractions around~ and it is much more peaceful on campus~ PLUS! I can hunt for smart geniuses to teach me whatever I don't know (in short, EVERYTHING)!

Lets just enjoy this environment, be ourselves~

So yeah~ I'll be back on campus tmr and I'll find out who's there tmr =) and I'll probably start studying first~ because I'm just so inspired to do so by william in the next picture.

Lets study =)

Its 4.30am in the morning now~ before I go off, let me share some interesting fun facts regarding this post~ =)

Fun fact #1:

Me: zzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz

Fun fact #2:


to those who believed (hopefully nobody):


P.S. : This post was meant to be a joke contradicting my obviously well known (or not) trait and is not made to mock people who love spending their time on studying and have passion for it =)

P.S.S. : Special thanks to Andrew(Oops) and Joanne for a certain pics,althought they might not come across this =P



I've always been lazy. Not to a very serious level (maybe) though, since I still get my done on time x_x~~ Lately I also realised that I lack inspiration in music and blogging. Probably getting more lazy, WHICH IS BADDD!!! Study week started, finals are 3 weeks away~ I shall promise to start studying next week since I won't have much time to do so this week x)

Most people say that the best way to overcome laziness is to motivate yourself to have a strong mindset. I personally don't deny that, yet I don't totally agree to that. Its not like I have a specific reason, just felt like it =P. Which makes me wonder if there are any more effective methods out there to deal with such issues regarding laziness @@.

Owh owh anyway! I came across something really interesting last week! After finishing whatever I was doing the other day, I decided to take a shower before sleeping. As i walked into the cubicle, i noticed something on the wall~ Didn't realy pay much attention to it, probably just another moth/insect on the wall.


And then I realised that it is no ordinary 'sticking-on-the-wall' thing o.o..




THIS! lol!~
(Its a frog incase u don't know =X )

What can I say... Unusual campus eh? =D

C yeaaa~~


Well done Oopsters!~ (Pics)

Throwing shoes at our captain!

A snapshot of us, after scoring out last point agains KBU(finals)
Look at the happy faces! =D

Me, Derick and Gan~
Imba cup defenders ;D

Kam Hing and I, doing stupid things~
Too happy ady LOL
(now i can say goodbye to my clothes)

my team, Oops 2 =D


Well done Oopsters!

I'm dead tired now, just came back from Inti Nilai. Had a frisbee tourney there, its called
Connection Tournament~ I didnt had much sleep yesterday tho. About an hour of sleep from 3-4am, and stayed awake till this morning when I meet up with the team at 7am. The tourney finished at around 5-6pm.



OMG so imba happy lol!~

It is Nottingham's first tournament victory! The finals with KBU is one hell of a tough match. We caught up to their score last minute. At the end, we had to play the last point to decide who wins. The duration of a match should be 25 mins, YET OUR LAST POINT LASTED AROUND 20 MINS + TOO! Means our final match lasted about 45 mins +! At the end, we scored the point thx to Kam Hing, you rock!~ To everyone on the team, WELL DONE! We've played well!

PS : My groin hurts due to excessive friction from running <_<||

PSS : Pictures of the tourney would be up pretty soon~ ;D



It is 3.11am in the morning now. I can't sleep, tired but not sleepy somehow. I feel so IMBA now! Just so u know, I've copied this from incase you have no idea what the hell is IMBA lol!


A gaming lingo.
imba (short for imbalanced) is derived from Strategy games (e.g. Warcraft) or MMOs. It is usually used to describe when a player or a character gets way too powerful to defeat that it becomes unfair/impossible for the opponents to play against him. Which results in everybody (mostly the opponents) to give up. Almost invincible. It is mostly used as a praise rather than a complain.

When not used in context to a game, it means elite, awesome, the best or unbeatable.

Everything I see feels so imba-ly imba now!!!

These flowers are so imba!

Broga hill so imba!

UNMC so imba!

This parking lot so imba!

This sign board so imba!

William so imba!

My roommate so ri-tat-tet-ly imba!

I feel so imba-ly lifeless and bored now!

In actual fact, I'm just feeling so imba-ly cool I gotta snap an imba cool pic of me and then make a superbly ultraly imba blog entry to show you people how the word IMBA is being abused by most gamers around malaysia!

"OMG! that is so IMBA!"



I'm one of them IMBA dudes!






Nahh~~ I'm still too IMBA cool for it!

Good bye, good night~ =D


Boring-est Saturday =.=ZZzzz

Today has got to be the most boring saturday ever. All I did today was watching movies all day long! I can't find better things to do (although i realised there are more beneficial stuff like STUDYING). I went for a pretty long jog this morning. About 40 mins. Got really tired after that and sat at the garden. I realised theres a spot around my garden where I could actually see the sunrise very clearly. Its a place where I need to climb through some bushes and all that. So I stoned there until it started getting warmer and warmer @@||

I went back to sleep after bathing. Had a really really strange dream again. Few days back, I dreamed about investigating some strange symbols on the floor with 2 other seniors. This time, its the same thing. Only difference is this time it wasn't with 2 seniors. Instead, it was with 2 random girls whom I have no idea who are they. I woke up as soon as one of them was about to tell me something. This time everything was so real I could remember all the details of the dream!

Whatsoever, I only slept for about an hour. After that, I began watching movies stored in my laptop one by one all the way till 6-7pm. I was home alone till 4pm+ when some relatives came over, they left right after dinner around 7pm+ and I continued stoning infront of my laptop, searching for movies to watch. Today was a really unproductive day, but I enjoyed lotsa movies that touched my heart T_T Anyhow, this post is just another boring rant about my boring day.

What do you do when you're bored eh? ;D


Beauty of Solitude?~

I have many friends. Don't ask me how many, but there are many people whom I consider
good friends. I think these connections have their way of reaching me someway somehow. In other words, I'm blessed with great friends. I do feel grateful that these people came across my life. Although there are some who already strayed far out of my circle of friends, I still smile to myself when I think of the good times we had together ;D (explains why I've been laughing to myself quite often lately =P)

Lately I've been looking forward to hang out with a certain people. I would text them or call
them up just for fun~ However, for unknown reasons, I also have very strange mood lately. At times during the night, I'd get a sudden urge to walk around campus alone. I don't know how to put it in words, but I feel very peaceful and calm, I can also see issues clearer in different perceptions. =)

I always enjoy the presence of good friends~ Making them laugh brightens up my day too xD~
I guess I've never really changed much since several years ago~ I still go after the same goal afterall ~ ;P Only thing is that now I'm beginning to enjoy an environment where nobody can interrupt me in my thoughts. xP



Go free~

I went to cyberjaya yesterday. Nothing special. I know. But in this case its different! I went there in the middle of the night, totally unplanned LOL!~ nvm nvm, lemme just type out the full story~

Yesterday after dinner, Deepak called around 10pm to ajak Dan and I to mamak just to lepak. Talked about many things, bullshits and non-bullshits =P lasted around an hour or so, went back to campus at around 12am~ When there was a power shutdown around semenyih =\

Could've just escaped without paying! but.. me good boy xD

Dan + Dee's candlelight supper~

Deepak was asking "would you follow me back to kepong if I say i wanna go there now?" and I went "yeah sure"
~Altho the plan kinda failed, we felt so free spirited that night. No idea why, but we just wanna drive somewhere LOL! After some discussion,we decided to pay Cyberjaya a visit~~

Mana pegi ni..hmm..

I brought my laptop along~ I had digi broadband services thanks to my sis xD I borrowed it from her to test the connection on campus~ Its out of 3g coverage, but EDGE was usable. Good enough for facebook and msn both at the same time~ ;P


Me <3 mobility ="D

Called Weng Chiew a.k.a. Simon out to lepak around~ had a pleasant chat at Old Town somewhere around his campus, MMU. Probably stayed there for around an hour~ drove back, and we're back on campus! Slept at around 3.45am and was GG-FIED the next day =)

Somewhere around Lim Kok Wing uni ;D


The Ten of Swords, Reversed~


Last week was a harsh one~ many things happened in such a short time, draining my strength
physically and mentally. Even when I did a tarot reading for myself, several 'bad' card were in sight LOL! One of the worst card would be a reversed(up side down) Ten of Swords, which means destructions and ruins. I'm not superstitious or anything like it, but the meaning of a certain cards really make sense.

Sunrise? Hmm.. time to get on with life i suppose~

In my combination of readings, this card shows that my luck is already at its worst. So what eh? It is also thanks to this experience that I realised things could only get better from now on ;D For instance, my hair is now growing the way i want it to grow LOL!

Blekkk ;)
(I got darker, true or false?)

Nahh, thats just a minor part ~ =P Another good news is I made it to the 1st team of Notts frisbee team! Apparently, the team members were assigned based on a certain physical test results. This was pretty unexpected as I messed up one specific acuracy test during the try-outs. Whether or not the seniors did their best is another story but it doesn't really matter. This is not permanent, I would be training harder from now on to keep myself in the 1st team! xP

As my senior Alvin once said..
Alvin : Pain is the measurement of strength! ;P

Of Lanterns and Instruments~


Simple lantern decorations in my garden~

Also known as Lantern Festival to some ppl. This year is a rather quiet one since there aren't any relatives over at my place~ ;D Like previous years, I did a lot of nonsense too. I don't even know why I like doing these nonsense. Have you ever felt like burning stuff when theres a lighted candle in your hand? Owh well~ what is done has been done~ xD

Burning dried/dead shoots
(see? I dont harm them =P )

Cremation of a fallen flower~

Okay~ Enough crap. I have an announcement to make!! If you follow my blog often enough, you would've seen my entry regarding my piano exam. My piano teacher showed me the result slip today~I PASSED AND AM OFFICIALLY A FINAL GRADER! xD

Yeahh!~ double the happiness!~




"yo.. I'm still alive.."
Carson : heee heeee heeeeeee *Faints*

Heyya everyone~ My classes began yesterday~ which also means that I'm back on campus now. Won't be coming online as often because its not very convenient for me to gain access to the internet =( I haven't been updating for some time too~ Was in a hyped up mode to promote my digi entry LOL!

Lots of cleaning done!

I'm staying on campus this academic year. Not staying with my ex-housemates as they moved off campus and I'm not allowed to stay off campus -.-|| My current room is the same as my previous one, twin sharing room in an appartment like unit. And my roommate now is none other than the retarded fool as shown below.

"uhuhuhuu me ritat fuullll"

Classes are okay so far~ My time table isn't s packed as a certain course, but I still have classes from Monday to Friday =.= Infact, I'm actually posting this blog entry in class~ Some class known as 'computer engineering' <_<||>

"uhm.. what else to blog about.. <_<||>

So anyway, I'll try to update at least 1-2 times a week!~ Until then~ see you soon!~ xD


Digi : Pimp My Broadband!

This entry is for an online contest by Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd~ Get more to know
More about it HERE!~ Let me tell you what is it all about anyway~ Have you ever watched Pimp My Ride? Its about the same concept~ In short, you have to write a blog entry about what you think about your current broadband services~

There are 2 categories in this contest which are Video Style Pimp and Photo Style Pimp~ the top 50 entries for each category will be entitled to a free broadband modem by Digi and 3 months of free broadband supscription =)~~ Top 3 for each category will win the same thing, AND a laptop! Products are by Apple and HP~ And I'm going for the Video Style Pimp xD
(video more syiok mar =3 )

SOOOOOO!!!! What do I think about my current broadband services then?

First of all, I think the performance of the broadband service I have now HIGHLY DEPENDS
on its MOOD. In other words, it could sky rocket up to amazing speed, and then drop down to ground snail motion. Although it remains 'usable' at most times, having such an issue would make it unreliable at critical moments. Some would call this UNSTABLE.

Besides that, my current broadband service has this annoyingly high tendency disconnect
for no proper reason. Sometimes even if its properly connected, my webpages would still fail to load. This is quite irritating especially when im halfway through a game of DOTA, HON or any online game of the same genre.

Although the broadband service I have now is considered 'one of the best' in Malaysia, it is
I'm still not satisfied with it. I think it could be improved more. Hearing my friends download at the speed of MBs instead of KBs overseas, I could only let out a deep long SIGH. Nonetheless, I still feel grateful for what I have now. I'm not asking for much, just hoping that Digi would provide me with a broadband service more reliable than what I have now =)

Before i forget, this is my video entry! =)

If u like it, gimme a thumbs up at


Well done my friend!~

In my entry on 7 September 2009 : Soon.. Very soon..~ , a person is actually missing from the
bunch of imba friends ;D I didn't include him there because his undergrad status was unknown and 'unstable' back then~ but I've received good news this afternoon! He passed EMB and is able to proceed to his desired course in first year, Mechatronics!!

This is William!

He is IMBA

He kicks ur ass in whatever game he plays!
will: wanna challenge me? O_o

Even in real life L4D!