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Alamak Boiii... Ape bende yg habis??

Asal ko happy semacam jer??

26 - 08 - 2009

This marks the end of my ABRSM GRADE 7 PRACTICAL EXAM!

Wahahahaa~~ as stated, I've completed my grade 7 piano test today! I didn't feel as nervous
as my previous exams. I wonder why~ Could it be the amount of time and effort i put into practicing? (very unlikely =P ) Could it be some imba strong confidence that came to me out of no where? Or maybe.. Its my second time sitting for the same test =P yes, I FAILED the same exam last year x(

Thinking back, I've actually went a looooong way with the piano. I started learning at the
age of 9, which is relatively later than the 'recommended age'. As I can recall, I was very exited. Hearing my sisters play back then, I eventually followed their footsteps =D However, having learned for 10 years, I've only started loving it at the age of 17. Yeah, besides the first few years of learning this instrument, I never enjoyed playing music until 2 years ago. @@||

Why, u ask? It is because of my parents and piano teachers. All my instructors have
undeniably superb playing skills, nor do they lack the ability to teach. I aquired much relevant skills from them~ not to forget theories and laws of music. Then what could be the problem? Nevertheless, all of those were forced on to me. The passion I had for music wasn't cultivated. In my opinion, it would be easier if they taught me to enjoy music instead of having me play exam pieces in an emotionless and mechanical state.

Throughout those years, I was often FORCED asked by my parents to practice the piano.
Being obedient, I did as they say (sometimes) . At one point, they even scolded me for not practicing and made me play at least an hour a day, or else no PS2 for me T_T... Going through all those had resulted in me hating to play the piano.

It was 2 years back that I realised, I did not hate neither playing the piano nor the music I
played. It was HOW they made me learn which gave me the negative feelings towards the piano. Based on personal experience, I know I'm not the only one who went through this. Unfortunately, not many people went throught the same changes as I did. Some eventually gave up playing the piano and continued to think that its just not their thing. My story?

Long story short :

So for parents who want their son/daughter to grow up into a fine musician, do not try to glue
their fingers on to the piano or stuff a clarinet into their mouths! You don't want them to go through what I've went through. Its not like they won't learn anything that way, but they wouldn't go far without a strong passion for it!

P.S. : Im still grateful for what my parents did. Otherwise, I wouldn't have knew The Piano. xD


Selamat Berpuasa~

Fasting season is here~ To all my muslim friends, its time to fast once again! Enjoy it xD
This also means that Rhamadan bazaars are back~~ foooooddddd!! =D Let us Malaysians prepare for another festive celebration! wheee!!~~


Wanna know what I like about it the most? Come one, give it a few wild guesses!!~~ Nahhh, let me save a bit if your brain cells..

Notice the time? Notice the number of people?
This was last Saturday. YES, WEEKEND.
Believe your eyes, believe me =D

First time sitting on the way back to Kajang~
damn happy LOL
*acts normal*


I Don't Want To Rest In Pieces Like Final Destination!!

Once again, Final Destination is back! For those who watched all three of its previous movies AND actually liked it, you know you want more... so does Nuffnang~ Being generous as always, Nuffnang is here once again, giving out 80 pairs of premiere movie tickets to watch Final Destination: Rest In Pieces!

Hold on a second, for those who have no idea what is the movie all about... It does have a storyline .. Its about.. Owh, u can google that up~ Freaky thing about the movie is all the GRUESOME DEATHS in the movie >=D
Im no saddist though~ ;P

As I walked into my room, after a long day, I went over to my laptop and turned it on as usual~

Finishing all daily routines, I've decided to check out some blogs.

Having done that, I thought I'd be nice to check out whats new at Nuffnang.

Looking at the blog posts, I realised that I forgot something important.

which was...

KSAboy :

me neither! save me! T_T


PS: If you're wondering what is all this about, check THIS out~ you could be one of the lucky ones to watch it first!


I've been feeling really tired recently, especially during work. After completing my morning work
routine, I would usually walk around the mall before going back to the office. However, lately I would want to laze around as much as I could. Sitting with friends at a booth, leaning on rails, or even taking a short 10 minutes nap in the store room(its air-conditioned and is very VERY peaceful in there xP)!

Im wondering if this sudden lost of strength and energy could be related of lack of exercise. Frankly, I've not been working out at all eversince the beginning of this job. Fortunately for me, this job also requires a LOT of walking around the mall and a certain level of physical strength. Perhaps that is just insufficient to keep me fit and alert comparing to sports i used to play on campus =P

So anyways~ I'm promising myself to revert the changes of my fitness level!~ As soon as August ends, I'll be working out very consistently! How? I'll be undergoing the same training schedule I did few years back when I trained for tennis! xD Its something like:
-7km run/jog, one day interval
-6 sets of 20 sit-up, daily
-4 sets of 15 push-ups, daily
-Intense full body stretching for 15 mins, daily

*Having done all these back then, I feel an increase in stamina and strength.. sadly, my body looks the same LOL*

I'm looking for an effective exercise to strengthen my back muscles as they get tired often when I carry things @@|| any suggestions? =P

P.S. : As for now.. I'll work hard in getting my things done at work!

Tired? no lar.. where got.. Im doing fine ...





Just here to tell everyone that IM STILL AROUND =D and surviving well too ;P
For now its only work work and MORE work~

Despite the "owh kay" work load during the whole work routine, I noticed that i tire myself more by KTM-ing back in the evening! If you're an average-not-blardy-wealthy kid, I presume you have experience travelling by KTM before =)

AND! If you happen to travel during the rush hours by KTM, I bet u were squeezed like fish in a sardine can! This is the part of my day where most energy is consumed! Sometimes i could barely stand straight, with insufficient space to move an inch.

I witnessed many awkward events though. Couples making out, transexual debates, girl screaming to her bf thru the fone... you name it! The latest incident was yesterday morning itself, which resulted in me bursting into laughter. I was kinda speechless as well after that <_<||~

That morning was slightly packed, i was one of the last few people who made it on to the train~ Around 10-20 seconds before the door shutted, a fat indian man tried to stuff himself in. (which was hardly possible no matter how u look at the situation) First, he rushed towards the center. He was then bounced out again automatically =D~ then, he tried charging into the left part of the entrance to reach for the pole(my side -.-). Sadly for him, Same thing happened. =\

Many other people wore a very annoyed expression! I was so annoyed back then, before i could say "OMG ARE YOU FREAKING BLIND?! THERES NO SPACE FOR YOU!", the slightly lala chinese kid standing right at the entrance shouted "F*** YOU!!", with his middle finger pointed at him LOL!! The man was speechless and was staring at him with that "dropped balls" look and the door closed 2 seconds later. L-O-L!

So~ What could your worst/most memorable/most awkward KTM experience be like? =)

Be grateful for what you have!

PS: This isn't as short as i planned it to be =P