Exams are less than 2 weeks away and I have not touched a single note. Owh no no no don't go "huh?!" or "OMG!" with me coz I know many of you who are just like me! *high 5* xD and for smart ppl such as mai seufff (quote barry)~ we will get our studies done on time anyway! Right?! *double high 5* xD

Dan: did u hear wad he said? I think he called himself smart...
William: nah, I think he's just kidding.. not funny tho...

Me: OMG i choked at my own joke! xD
Sean: *stoned*
Caleb: (Lets just pretend we didn't hear anything)... *turns away* what were u saying??


You see, most people like us have this little nerd in ourself. When pressured(harassed) by exams or deadline, that inner nerd will take control of our body and do the right thing automatically! In addition, we get more efficient when exams are just around the corner~ as the saying goes:~

~When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!~

*probably didn't use it right... its okay, this wasn't from the smart nerdy me ;3 *

Me: Hi. My hobby is studying.

note: for those who studies most of the time, even when exams are years away... they're probably very easily pressured LOL~

LAWL! My sem finals would start at 11th of January. THATS SO NEXT YEAR! =3 But then, I've decided to be a good boy and return to campus tmr to get some hardcore studying done! Its not like I can't study at home... there are too many distractions around~ and it is much more peaceful on campus~ PLUS! I can hunt for smart geniuses to teach me whatever I don't know (in short, EVERYTHING)!

Lets just enjoy this environment, be ourselves~

So yeah~ I'll be back on campus tmr and I'll find out who's there tmr =) and I'll probably start studying first~ because I'm just so inspired to do so by william in the next picture.

Lets study =)

Its 4.30am in the morning now~ before I go off, let me share some interesting fun facts regarding this post~ =)

Fun fact #1:

Me: zzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz

Fun fact #2:


to those who believed (hopefully nobody):


P.S. : This post was meant to be a joke contradicting my obviously well known (or not) trait and is not made to mock people who love spending their time on studying and have passion for it =)

P.S.S. : Special thanks to Andrew(Oops) and Joanne for a certain pics,althought they might not come across this =P



I've always been lazy. Not to a very serious level (maybe) though, since I still get my done on time x_x~~ Lately I also realised that I lack inspiration in music and blogging. Probably getting more lazy, WHICH IS BADDD!!! Study week started, finals are 3 weeks away~ I shall promise to start studying next week since I won't have much time to do so this week x)

Most people say that the best way to overcome laziness is to motivate yourself to have a strong mindset. I personally don't deny that, yet I don't totally agree to that. Its not like I have a specific reason, just felt like it =P. Which makes me wonder if there are any more effective methods out there to deal with such issues regarding laziness @@.

Owh owh anyway! I came across something really interesting last week! After finishing whatever I was doing the other day, I decided to take a shower before sleeping. As i walked into the cubicle, i noticed something on the wall~ Didn't realy pay much attention to it, probably just another moth/insect on the wall.


And then I realised that it is no ordinary 'sticking-on-the-wall' thing o.o..




THIS! lol!~
(Its a frog incase u don't know =X )

What can I say... Unusual campus eh? =D

C yeaaa~~


Well done Oopsters!~ (Pics)

Throwing shoes at our captain!

A snapshot of us, after scoring out last point agains KBU(finals)
Look at the happy faces! =D

Me, Derick and Gan~
Imba cup defenders ;D

Kam Hing and I, doing stupid things~
Too happy ady LOL
(now i can say goodbye to my clothes)

my team, Oops 2 =D


Well done Oopsters!

I'm dead tired now, just came back from Inti Nilai. Had a frisbee tourney there, its called
Connection Tournament~ I didnt had much sleep yesterday tho. About an hour of sleep from 3-4am, and stayed awake till this morning when I meet up with the team at 7am. The tourney finished at around 5-6pm.



OMG so imba happy lol!~

It is Nottingham's first tournament victory! The finals with KBU is one hell of a tough match. We caught up to their score last minute. At the end, we had to play the last point to decide who wins. The duration of a match should be 25 mins, YET OUR LAST POINT LASTED AROUND 20 MINS + TOO! Means our final match lasted about 45 mins +! At the end, we scored the point thx to Kam Hing, you rock!~ To everyone on the team, WELL DONE! We've played well!

PS : My groin hurts due to excessive friction from running <_<||

PSS : Pictures of the tourney would be up pretty soon~ ;D