I've always been lazy. Not to a very serious level (maybe) though, since I still get my done on time x_x~~ Lately I also realised that I lack inspiration in music and blogging. Probably getting more lazy, WHICH IS BADDD!!! Study week started, finals are 3 weeks away~ I shall promise to start studying next week since I won't have much time to do so this week x)

Most people say that the best way to overcome laziness is to motivate yourself to have a strong mindset. I personally don't deny that, yet I don't totally agree to that. Its not like I have a specific reason, just felt like it =P. Which makes me wonder if there are any more effective methods out there to deal with such issues regarding laziness @@.

Owh owh anyway! I came across something really interesting last week! After finishing whatever I was doing the other day, I decided to take a shower before sleeping. As i walked into the cubicle, i noticed something on the wall~ Didn't realy pay much attention to it, probably just another moth/insect on the wall.


And then I realised that it is no ordinary 'sticking-on-the-wall' thing o.o..




THIS! lol!~
(Its a frog incase u don't know =X )

What can I say... Unusual campus eh? =D

C yeaaa~~


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Anonymous December 22, 2009 at 12:16 AM  

wa i didnt know frogs can climb walls one =P ahaha! sorry fail bio one ahaha! =P

ee jane December 22, 2009 at 2:51 PM  


What happen to the frog then??

Self motivation eh...not an expert in that field. Same lah, suka suka only feel like doing. But I read an article once, that before you sleep, and after you wake, think of all the goals you wanna achieved that day or something. (They didn't say if fail goal macam mana)

All the best with the upcoming finals~!! XD

Carson Heng December 28, 2009 at 2:47 PM  

me neither =P

@ee jane
i don't know what happened to it, its gone the next morning =P and thx !~ xD

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