New Old Stuff~

Last weekend was a really pleasant one. I had a lots of mixed feelings that I haven't experienced since probably 4-5 years ago. I remember one of them has this very idle feeling of boredom. I haven't been home alone for quite a while. When I tried to recall the last time I was, memories of my school days shot right at me. Those were the carefree days xD

Trailing back, I naturally began going through all me old cabinets, like how I always did when I was bored, way younger. Every old toy I see brought back a very special and unique flashback. I spent a good 4 hours just going through them, trying to fix a certain damages here and there.


The times where owning this giant pencil makes you super cool ;)

To the days I spend time with my all time favorite toy!

To the days I own this metal ring thingy that makes lotsa noise!

To the days I obtained epic old 'passed-down-to-me' mobiles!

To the days when these car models and action figures became popular!

To the days when KH projects were created with very entertaining purposes!
Form 1 - Told my teacher its a pencil case
Told my friends its a goal post to play uhm... "Finger Soccer"? LOL
Unused materials are well... carved into 'fine' weapons >=)

To the days of classic electronic entertainment! :D



Know any of these priceless junks I have? :)

There was a full cabinet of old books, comics, and CDs! Seeing VCDs like Pokemon and Tom&Jerry brought back a great deal of hapiness! And owh my gosh, some CDs are ancient! like the pc game "hermie hopperhead"? So awesome :)

So badddddass!

Watched anime all day long~

Doraemon? Archie? Randoms?


Not only did I find toys. I managed to recover a folder FULL of certificates, which some of them I found rather interesting, whereas some of them really surprise myself and at the same time, reminded me of what I was capable of. Some would say I was quite lifeless, but I think back in my school days, those WERE my life... I suppose?

Dudes, remember the gang of baldies? :)

All bunched together.

Feel so smart just by looking at this :D

Came across this very decent looking file.
Thought it contained another important cert of some sort.

Just to find my old sticker collections in it? @_@

Thought this was normal, as compared to others...


Heck, I was in a runner-up team in a parliamentary debate.



As I opened one particular dusty drawer, I found a stack of old paper notes, letters, photo albums, and also some drawings. They were so simple and straight forward! Such simple phrases that brought me so much laughter and joy =') I also uncovered this very special 'art' that was drawn by a dear friend. It was caught in the flood back at my old house, yet I remember saving it from the waist level muddy waters and drying it. First thing I did when there was sunlight. Didn't even think about saving my pokemon cards, which I later regretted terribly =\ (Damn I forgot to snap the 'art' I was talking about! Will DEFINITELY include it in the next post ;P )

Drawn by a friend
I swear Its still damn funny even when I look at it now!

Few of the OLDEST MEMOS in the stack
Just look at the dates! O.O

My only personal photo album from WAYYYYY back then


This one totally made me speechless..
I could only

Hah! Picture with my idol back then...
YOHAN! Hahaha!
This was when I started my yo-yo career.
It did not last long. =P

So in this post, I shared lotsa lottttsaaa pictures. If you feel some familiarity, we probably lived a very similar childhood :D I definitely had fun writing this post. Every picture I snapped did not fail to put a smile on my face. :) Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

There are so many ways to define one's past. If I were to live my life all over again, I'll definitely choose the same process I went through growing up to who I am now!



One lesson I learned today regarding film making: When you have inspiration or an idea for a scene, write everything down imediately!! This morning after cheng beng, I decided to get my ass out to record those 'scenes' I had in mind weeks ago. Turns out that after I recorded those, I have no idea what am I suppose to do with them. Its like "owh yes! finish this that scene all... so what were they for again?"

Example: why'd I have this ball here again? x_x

Owh well, I think this time I'm gonna end up making the random-est video evar! I seriously have no idea what I want to do with all these recorded clips. In addition, I realised that I don't have a proper video editor to use in my campus computer lab! As random ideas begin to overlap this original one, the video is beginning to mess up in my brains. I guess It'll still be a good practice as long as I produce something right? @_@

Brought stuff I might need. VERY USEFUL!

Like this random stick I found at home =P

And this thread and tape I decided to bring along~

Special thanks to Weng Chiew, my neighbour who helped me a bit at the beginning before he gets a tummy ache. Really one of the most random thing I've done since months ago. Felt so adventurous just cycling around the garden with my tools and gears strapped around me =P Maybe I should travel further and go on a real adventure someday~ of course I'm not sure whether or not I like the idea for now until i actually try it.

He thinks he has nice eyes, what say u?

Searching for a proper scene ain't just simple.

Coz I have to 'deploy' and pack up my tools every moment I decide that I'm done with that spot. Then come back a while later after realising that I missed out some scenes at the same spot.

While searching for old toys to film, I actually stumbled upon my old diary. It lasted about half a year since beginning of form 4. OMG-NESS THE WAY I EXPRESS THINGS WHEN I WAS YOUNGERRRRRR .______. So childish in a sense that me myself didn't know who I was back then. I wonder if I were to start writing a diary again now, would it be any different from back then? But nahh, probably not going to anyway. I'd be embarrassed to death if it were to be exposed! =X



Oh oh! Just a few weeks ago, I was elected the new captain for our frisbee team! yayyy :D
I was happy but confused at the same time. Whatsoever, I promised them my best effort and they'll see nothing less than a 100%! =D


On the other hand, I'm getting busier as work start to pile up on me. School work, Wall Street Club stuff, frisbee stuff. Sometimes things are more difficult than you think though. I thought assignments were a piece of cake, until the day I start doing them a few days before the deadline. =P I thought shooting a video was easy, until I realise how hard it is to capture my imagination through the perspective of a lens. Such obstacles are never something that stops my progress (probably just a minor slowdown though ;P).

Sneak peek of my vid-to-be!
So much hassle just to prepare the 'main character' >.>

"What is the 3 things you miss the most back in your teenage days?" is what I was asked the other day. Putting in some serious thoughts, I found out that the things that I miss are actually really simple and probably doesn't make any sense at all =X Well here they are! :~

The carefree days I used to live
(Not like I'm not now, just less!)

Out of control overeating-ness!
(Stopped for fitness purposes ;O )

And finally...

Hell yeah! Too bad a terrible flood took all of them away from me.
Otherwise I'll still be around Pwning them noob kids! :D

O yeah~ those days, those days~~ However, somethings will always stay the same ;)


I found ya~ =D

The other day I had this reallllllly weird dream which leaded me into browsing through my old posts(including those in my old blog, tonnes of em!). I had this very familiar feeling of when I started blogging in that dream. I remembered the reason and purpose of why I started this blog. Well sort off. This very nostalgic feeling is definitely setting myself up for another (hopefully) long blogging era of my life!

I guess I did forgotten this rather important reason after I got hooked up with all the web advertising activities. I was so into keeping my blog active and popular that after a while, it became an obligation to draft out a new posts! Just be honest you newbie yet famous wannabe bloggers out there, my bet is that you definitely felt this before behind that 'me lub blogging (^^)v ' mask of yours =P. Explains all the "omg im running outta ideas!!", "what to post next??" ,"oh no I'm losing my 'feel' for blogging!" and etc etc for me.

Well, in my opinion thats also when blogging got popular. Most of the people started creating blogs. Number of bloggers overwhelmed as it became the 'in' thing. Vast amount of blogs, ranging from lala kids posting their poser/emo pics, to food lovers sharing food reviews + picture blogs + random shops and all the way to people sharing their daily life stories(which in my opinion, the hotter the blogger, the more popular it'll get, any objections? =P). I guess at one point I was so obligated to to post something on a regular basis that that my usual blog posts got crappier and crappier and eventually stopped doing them regularly. Owh well, not that I'm against all the fame chasing bloggers out there, I'm just passing them a message: If you wanna do it, don't expect to get anywhere with half assed efforts! ;)

PS: Happy valentines day everyone! For those who are single please don't hate this day, it's just like any other days! Hating is bad for you! ;D For those who aren't, today is a day to remind you that it's okay to to let your partner know of your affection (if any ;P), in case you don't normally do!