I found ya~ =D

The other day I had this reallllllly weird dream which leaded me into browsing through my old posts(including those in my old blog, tonnes of em!). I had this very familiar feeling of when I started blogging in that dream. I remembered the reason and purpose of why I started this blog. Well sort off. This very nostalgic feeling is definitely setting myself up for another (hopefully) long blogging era of my life!

I guess I did forgotten this rather important reason after I got hooked up with all the web advertising activities. I was so into keeping my blog active and popular that after a while, it became an obligation to draft out a new posts! Just be honest you newbie yet famous wannabe bloggers out there, my bet is that you definitely felt this before behind that 'me lub blogging (^^)v ' mask of yours =P. Explains all the "omg im running outta ideas!!", "what to post next??" ,"oh no I'm losing my 'feel' for blogging!" and etc etc for me.

Well, in my opinion thats also when blogging got popular. Most of the people started creating blogs. Number of bloggers overwhelmed as it became the 'in' thing. Vast amount of blogs, ranging from lala kids posting their poser/emo pics, to food lovers sharing food reviews + picture blogs + random shops and all the way to people sharing their daily life stories(which in my opinion, the hotter the blogger, the more popular it'll get, any objections? =P). I guess at one point I was so obligated to to post something on a regular basis that that my usual blog posts got crappier and crappier and eventually stopped doing them regularly. Owh well, not that I'm against all the fame chasing bloggers out there, I'm just passing them a message: If you wanna do it, don't expect to get anywhere with half assed efforts! ;)

PS: Happy valentines day everyone! For those who are single please don't hate this day, it's just like any other days! Hating is bad for you! ;D For those who aren't, today is a day to remind you that it's okay to to let your partner know of your affection (if any ;P), in case you don't normally do!


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Anonymous February 14, 2011 at 7:56 AM  

happy valentine's day to u~!!! =D ~!!!

ee jane February 14, 2011 at 8:20 PM  

I thought this blog died = =

You didn't say reason and purpose you started this blog 0.o

hehe, happy valentine day =D

ee jane February 14, 2011 at 8:20 PM  


= =!

Carson Heng February 16, 2011 at 1:29 PM  

happy valentines day to you too~~ =P

@ee jane
I thought it died too! =P
my reasons all secrets lehhh, must korek on your own!~ Happy valentines day to you too~

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