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So I heard you terlibat dalam scandal? Thats the question I've been throwing around at people these days! Most people would definitely know I'm only fooling around, but there are always the interesting minority with the awesome-est replies! Also, I get to find out interesting stories happening around me if any... like this :D

HIM: "was it the girl in my car the other day? no lar.. actually "
ME: " Oh.. I actually know nothing, but I do know about you and her now! >=D"

LOL! Oh anyway, I'm now staying off campus! No more on campus, more like.. they kicked me out! =\ I didn't do anything wrong btw, just that I am not anywhere near the top of their priority list (Kajang, sigh..). Too bad there isn't an internet connection(yet) at my other house. So I won't be coming online as often during the weekdays. =(

Nottingham's club and society fair just ended. I was pretty surprised that my frisbee club got so many new people! I really want the new people to feel what I felt when I first joined the club, FUN! The thought of the club dying is enough to keep me upset for hours. I'll definitely give it my best to keep them coming!

Looks like I really became rounder after summer in Alaska. Its the time of the year to shed some extra body mass off once again. Oh by the way, I need a hair cut. Its at the most uncomfortable length where I keep getting my eyes poked! -_-

Last but not least, I can't believe I spent 40 minutes updating this post using my iPhone when my laptop is running idle right across the room. Random.

"I heard you terlibat scandal?"


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