Boring-est Saturday =.=ZZzzz

Today has got to be the most boring saturday ever. All I did today was watching movies all day long! I can't find better things to do (although i realised there are more beneficial stuff like STUDYING). I went for a pretty long jog this morning. About 40 mins. Got really tired after that and sat at the garden. I realised theres a spot around my garden where I could actually see the sunrise very clearly. Its a place where I need to climb through some bushes and all that. So I stoned there until it started getting warmer and warmer @@||

I went back to sleep after bathing. Had a really really strange dream again. Few days back, I dreamed about investigating some strange symbols on the floor with 2 other seniors. This time, its the same thing. Only difference is this time it wasn't with 2 seniors. Instead, it was with 2 random girls whom I have no idea who are they. I woke up as soon as one of them was about to tell me something. This time everything was so real I could remember all the details of the dream!

Whatsoever, I only slept for about an hour. After that, I began watching movies stored in my laptop one by one all the way till 6-7pm. I was home alone till 4pm+ when some relatives came over, they left right after dinner around 7pm+ and I continued stoning infront of my laptop, searching for movies to watch. Today was a really unproductive day, but I enjoyed lotsa movies that touched my heart T_T Anyhow, this post is just another boring rant about my boring day.

What do you do when you're bored eh? ;D


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ee jane November 15, 2009 at 10:38 PM  

I watch 2 movies and finish a series of manga yesterday =D~!

And until now, I haven't realize whether am I in danger or not XP

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