Sorry =(

Dear blog,

First of all, sorry for not updating you for the past few weeks. Its not as though I was too busy for you, neither was I lacking ideas for you. Despite having the busiest week in this semester behind time, despite all the happening events around me, I am still unable to draft out a single blog update. The reason for this is I am facing an issue that is heavily affecting my mind.

Lately, there have been many things (good and bad) happening around me. However, none of those which happened could have ever affected me as much as this issue. Whenever I think of something to post, the first thing that would run through my brain would be recent events and/or feelings. All the possible thoughts would cause me to imagine a certain unwanted situations somehow at the end of my brainstorming session. That is before I give up that draft, how very unfortunate for you.

Let me briefly describe how it felt. It is as though something you deeply believe in, isn't something you should trust anymore. Just like a disciple of any religion witnessing the ethical downfall of his own god. Well, sort off.

I would be glad if I could express everything to you through updates and all.
But please understand that it is indeed not something I would like the whole world
to know. Although few of my friends probably guessed what was happening, but I
don't think I want to further reveal it. =P

Anyway, I suppose everything would be coming to an end. A solution with
indefinite outcome.Which is also why I decided to write you this letter, just
so you know I'll be spamming you with updates pretty soon! =D

Yours sincerely,


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ee jane April 25, 2010 at 12:58 AM  

*scratch head* I don't know whats going on but i think i know how that feels like =|

Whatever you're going through, all the best with it =D

kenwooi April 27, 2010 at 12:19 AM  

take your time and all the best =)

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