Things i never liked about exams on campus =O

Its gonna be my last sem of foundation year in The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Right after my final paper on 22nd of May, I'd be officially done with foundation =) ~~ Well, exams were never something bad all along.




I do have several issues regarding exams!! one of them would be...


errr... hehehee~~ this usually refers to last minute studying =3 ~ Despite being super well prepared for exams, somehow someway there would still be this strong feeling of wanting to study. Besides that period, many other revision plans would end up like



OR EVEN THIS!!! =.=||

Ofcourse, I have my very serious and determined times too =)

... ... ...

Opps, wrong pic!
Shud be something like THIS!


One fact about me, i like to procrastinate on my waking up from bed. I think most family members and friends on campus already knew that =D~~ Even my phone alarm is set an hour earlier than the time i wanna get up, including 5-10 minutes interval for each ring in that particular one hour for me to laze around on my bed =.=|| (question my roommate for confirmation)
Again, someway somehow i'll have to delay less on exam mornings...

"the next alarm is in 5 mins lah!! lemme sleep till then lar!!"

"shud i really get up and prepare? lemme think for 3 mins... -.-ZZzzz"


One word explains it all, the need to wait!! I'll tell u what do i have to wait for. Theres this very good friend of mine. Whom I meet before exams to do some last minute studying to refresh what we've learned etc etc... One thing about this fella thats different from me, he doesnt procrastinate from waking up, but he does that a lot on being punctual! (probably just for me o_o )
eg: going out for dinner/ meeting for lunch / meeting before class

Ofcourse, i still thank this person for waking me up on several days~~ I think I'll use up some space here to introduce this friend of mine.

meet DEEPAK!! =D

Very cool person

Very friendly

Definitely a very good friend =)

And so, back to topic! Since before exam periods would be quite tiring, the waiting adds up to the tension.

Waiting for deepak

Still waiting






~OWH GREAT!! he is here!! lets go!!

*walks to exam location*


Waiting for permission to enter exam hall
Carson : *shows dulan face >=O *
Deepak : Chill la dei, look at the camera 1st la~

Despite all my exam issues, everything go just fine... no sarcasm =)


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Anonymous May 16, 2009 at 5:56 PM  

Congratz on exposing your blog!!

This post is interesting and funny =D

Once again, i shall stress that, setting the alarm like that is very very annoying~

Ah I see, you have a friend to wake you up, I also play the 'friend to wake HER up' role.

You know HER la (= =) Wonder if i can even use the word 'her'

Wait...did the 'wake your friend up with water' comes from your friend waking you up with water???

Carson Heng May 16, 2009 at 6:12 PM  

lol thx thx xD owh owh btw, ur fren... IS A COW!! needs to wake her up by banging bells at her head! xD

anywayz, im not THAT hard to be waken up lar.. sometimes my roommate throw ice flakes from the freezer at me.. very rarely tho =P

Anonymous May 16, 2009 at 6:20 PM  

Ice flakes and not hard? You know what, maybe your room mate can paint nail polish, cut your hair, scribble on your face, or throw a dirty socks at your face eh?

Carson Heng May 16, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

maybe he could, but im not that hard to be awaken! and i could do the same as well! but we've better things to do =.=

Anonymous May 22, 2009 at 4:00 PM  


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