Trip to Lang Tengah~ day ONE

For some of my frequent chat buddies, you may have noticed that I've been missing suddenly for several days~ truth is, i went on a trip to Terengganu, for 5 days! And the best part is~~ I went the day right after my finals!!


And so~ I'll be writing about the 1st day of our trip~ since i dont have all of the pictures with me yet

23 MAY 2009~
A cool Saturday morning to begin with~ fortunately, Chinese(an English name) woke me up~
nothing much to pack, everything was ready the day before. Got Chinese to send me to the KTM station~ It is also thanks to him, that i get to use my phone thruout the trip ;P
*i left my phone in the car, go figure!*

Sotong and I went according to plan, which was to travel to Putra Bus Terminal by public transport~ mainly KTM and LRT. We reached earlier than the gathering time, went for breakfast at McD's~ then met up with the rest of the group!~ First thing i spot was~~

Of all shirts...
Journey begins ;)
*Pics were blur, probably because of sotong's shaky tentacles~*

In the bus~
It was a long journey~ 7 hours with a short break in between~ i slept off most of the time, as i usually do in most long journeys. Like many other trips, people would bring things to entertain themselves on the bus~ that includes our bunch =3

Board games!~


Or just looking out the window..
to see this!~

At Kuala Terengganu~
It is around 5pm+ that we reached, I was still sleepy though.. And then comes the troublesome part, looking for a decent hotel to stay over! =P It wasnt that THAT hard looking for one, but looking for one that is cheap and nice was a hassle. Why? coz we came by a number of 'hotels' made up of wooden shacks and shop lots <_<||~~ process =")">

with their own belongings~

CP, never leaving his futsal ball behind =)

TC joins in =D

After checking out locations and rates~~

We've found a spot to crash overnite!

I did contribute to the process!!

like this~

"chill lar, why so stress?? slowly lar =D "

After we settled down, we walked over to the next street for dinner~ China Town! Initial dinner plan was to eat at as many shops as possible... HOWEVER~~ half the group stuffed themselves in the 1st restaurant, which serves claypot and hot plate dishes~ and so, 5 people went back to the hotel room~ while Jon, Sam, Yen Wynn, Junino and I went for ikan bakar and some other stuff @@||

China Town~

Claypotz are hot!

So take something cool =D

If i dont get my food in 5 mins.. i'll whack ur head! >=O

Secondary objective of the trip: snap 1000+ pics! (accomplished~)


Owh btw! TC found something that belongs to him! =P

A while later.. round 2!!
*spicy ikan bakar @@*

After dinner, we went back to our room. Just chilled and played some card games and went to sleep, everyone prepared for the long day coming ahead~


Big 2~ Winning pose =D

Jon with his G-STRING-SNAPPED guitar xD

Chillin before sleepin~

Tido -_-ZZzzz~~

Ofcourse!! there'll always be some nonsense before sleeping xP

Left 4 Dead HUNTER!!!

Imma get u =3

Thats pretty much for the 1st day~ the remaining four days might take up even more space =S


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Anonymous May 29, 2009 at 10:17 PM  

Hey...that game! (= =) My friend have that, the transferring to me part failed though 0.o

The window thing, and the photo of the one that you look like a monkey is funny. (My father friend fruit farm rears a baby monkey, you look like that monkey)

It looks like a lot and a lot of fun XD (I'm going to repeat this sentence again soon) I'm envious!!

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