Trip to Lang Tengah~ day TWO

24 MAY 2009~
The Journey~

~To the jetty~

The day we officially travelled to Lang Tengah Island!~ Most of us got up early, i guess we were pretty excited about the whole trip.

A certain exceptions are inevitable =)

We were supposed to reach the jetty by 11am. We all took an hour taxi ride to get there~ and we reached at 10am, thats an hour early =D ~ Walked around that area while waiting for our ferry ride to Lang Tengah Island~

O yeah~ only if we're this puntual for classes ;P

Usual nonsense xP

besides that? well, other ppl have their own ways of killing time ;P

Our ride so slowwww =\

CP Footballing + Nick Fishing

Tunjuk skill?

Ouch? =P

We care for the community! =D


some just... stone around for time to pass @@||

~To the Island~
Eventually we went on our boat ride~ its another hour journey before we reach our destination island~ took many pics on the way, many MANY pics =O WHY?...

Coz we had nothing else better to do =)

Sotong semangat!

Ku pun tak kalah!

Juni, Sotong, Yenwynn~

Owh SLR cams are fun! xD

CP got high on the sea~
Model shots!
Snap me bebeh!! xP

Me and sotong~

Tc, Yun leng and I, some pose i copied from her =P~

Another pose i copied =P

Me and my disc 8D

Tc, probably helping somebody with some shots =O

Yen wynn, Jon, Sam~ looking at random stuffs~

Boredom got his brains...MUAKSS
yen wynn: uhh... >=|

Frisbee shot!

The sea feels great! =D
A huh a huh!

This huge fat green ant tried to sneak onto the island!
Ant: uh... what island? @@||


Our resort~

And here we are!~D'Coconut Island Resort~

Everyone was most likely to be tired/bored of all the traveling this morning ( I especially got up quite early this morning!). One thing about our resort, it has 2 wings, East Wing and West Wing~ Our resort was located on the East Wing~ After checking in, we took a short break and checked out our own rooms~ played some Big 2 as well =P

A while later, Sam brought us to the West Wing area (5-10 minutes walking distance) to have a look, as we would be taking that same path there quite often. The view there was simply breathtaking!! Blue sky, clean beach, and most importantly.. crystal clear sea water! We spent some time over at the West Wing beach before heading back for lunch ~

Welcome drink~

Sam settling some stuff over at the reception~
Others are just busybody xD

Got some time... FRISBEE SHOT!! xD

Dont remember what happened here lol~
but i supposse we were about to check into our rooms =D
Carson : Carry my bag or i'll whack u with my frisbee disc! >=D
Yun Leng : ok ok ><
Yen Wynn : Whack oni lar.. i lazy carry =O

Scenery from our resort~
Feel the tranquility~~

Big 2 ( chor dai di) =P

Sotong getting ppl to snap her on her window xP

Tee hee~


Jon : feed me! feed me!! >=O

The 1st trip to The West Wing was another intersting stroll in the forest~~ xP

Walking from East Wing~

Mr. Tour guide Samuel! and Nick beside~

Sam asking the rest of the group to hurry up =.=||
(I was always ahead to make sure i snap more pics xD)

My turn to be snapped!

Yes more!!

Very cooling forest~

With many interesting things to see x)

Makes me feel so holy 0=)

Jon and I.. became one with nature xD

Great view~

Sam, Jon, Cp, Junino...
Juni : U know ah!!
Everyone : (listens) ooooo ...

Stares *_*
Jon : Based on a research done... all islands are surrounded by water...

Soft sand felt great as well ;)

*Signs beach*

Sotong's icon!

I dont remember what i took that gave me such reaction =P

Time to bid the beach goodbye for now~

And go for lunch! xD
I was doing yen wynn's fav pose... what was it?
*Acting candid*

Snorkelling!~ 3.30pm
Yes!! one of our trip highlights!! Most of us didn't bring our cameras... Fortunately for us, Shilei a.k.a. Sotong did!~ credit goes to her for all the wonderful pics taken on our snorkelling session! ;D


Cp pose~

Jun Hin~

The guys~
Tunjuk body? Why is Juni covering down there... O_o

The girls~
Yun Leng~ Shilei~



Tc.. I'm wondering what happened after this <_<||

Me and Jon~

Yen Wynn getting mentally prepared =P

Jon, Yen Wynn and I xP ~~

Blek~ =P

Well done Yen Wynn ;D


Copy me kerrr? ;P jk jk~~ xD

Great experience ;)

There were many things to see under the sea~ mainly corals and fishes~ and squids occasionally! We brought bread to feed them, spot the bottles we're holding in any of the pics? We stuffed bread in them~~ =) Fishes were all over and around us, @@||

We went on a boat, brought us to 2 different spots~ the 2nd spot have this very beautiful blue corals around! Other friends seem to spot many other interesting stuff as well~ like a little small shark and a sword fish =P

~At night~
We had dinner right after cleaning up ourselves from all the salt. After that, we walked all the way to another resort on the Island~ What for? Fishing!! Its personally not my thing, but it wouldn't hurt seeing a bit i suppose xD There are a few fishing kakis in our group, including Sam~ which explains why we're following =P

Nick in orange, Jon in stripes~

Samuel in the dark o_o


Yen Wynn~

Chilling out at the jetty~

Sambil bercerita~ =P

One thing i liked about this night trip was the sky!


It wasn't like any other night scene I've ever seen around Kajang or KL before! Every spot on the sky was stars stars and MORE stars! I could really stare at the sky all night long~ because I like stars a LOT~ somehow, it became very meaningful to me eversince I started noticing them when i was 14~ ;P

A while later Cp, Yen Wynn, Tc, Yun Leng, Sotong and I left the jetty to have a look around the resort there~ it took 3 minutes to walk from the jetty~ the sand felt really cool and comfortable~ As we were checking around the resort, we spot a pool table~ it wasnt in perfect condition, but still playable~ spent rm6 for one hour on it, just me and CP while the others just sat down and rest =P

Lang Tengah... got pool table wan eh!! ;O

After all the tiring yet fun activities, we went back to our own rooms~ owh wait, the 'WE' i used, did not include the fishing kakis, Sam, Nick, Juni and Jon(trip-found-interest)~ because they went to another fishing spot! And 'WE' were all tired and lazy xP They came back about an hour later~ probably around 1am+

AND SO~~ back to our night routine before sleeping~~

Few rounds of Big 2!

And some random nonsense =)
Jon : Mummy sing me a song!~
CP : ooooooooooooooooo~~ (monotonic lullaby)


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Anonymous June 4, 2009 at 9:14 PM  

The 'holy' picture of you, doesn't look so holy, but it does give a feel of you being a native orang asli guide for tourist =D

The one with the nature picture is nice XD

Carson Heng June 5, 2009 at 10:44 PM  

i feel so innocent~ xO

Anonymous June 5, 2009 at 11:53 PM  

darling! why didn't you take me alongggg! =( =( !!

Carson Heng June 6, 2009 at 1:24 AM  

lol~ coz someone has school to attend =P

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