Trip to Lang Tengah~ day FOUR

26 MAY 2009~

The kayak-ness~

Today's main highlight would be kayaking! Yeah~ all of us went, since we missed it the previous day =P We got up pretty early to prepare ourselves~ Ate breakfast, changed and did some stupid nonsense. Sam was advising us to wear long sleeves if we don't wanna apply sunblock, I went for the sunblock instead coz im never comfortable with sweating in long sleeves @@

We didn't start kayaking straight from our resort, coz there were only ONE 2-man canoe at our resort.. yes ONE =.=|| Therefore, we walked all the way to another resort, called Lang Sari to rent theirs instead ;D It cost rm25 per 2-man canoe, so its rm12.50 per person.

Heres something i drew to help u understand better
don't complaint >=O

We kayaked around the whole island~ at one point, some of us raced to reach the jetty (the same one they went for fishing on the 2nd nite)... which drained out most of our strength, KINDA regreted since that was only around 15% of the kayaking journey =.=|| and I WON! wuahahahaa!!~~ After 1-2 hour+, we reached our resort! and took a break!~ xD

Journey begins when everyone was semangat-ed

BRB, D'coconut =D

Slow nyerrr.. -.-zz

Went thru hard times!

And we're there! xD

Soft sand by the shore <3

*Excited xD*

*step step step*

Sam settling things, our pro leader LOL

Canoes ready for the sea!

Cp.. probably giving some words of wisdom =D
cp: must stroke in sync, don't make unnecessary movements =)

Tc's excited look =P
tc: no need words of wisdom all lah!! what u need is THIS *shows muscles*

Imba slipper-grabbing-sand-stepping-back-hunching-shade-wearing-phone-holding pose!!
Carson: go have fun oni lerrrr why care so much xO

cp: dun listen to me... later u all will regret!! >=O

Owh owh owh! The pair ups for each canoe were like this~ :
3)Juni---Yen Wynn
4)TC--- Yun Leng
5)Sam--- Nick~(mereka nak ber-fishing =.=|| )

Poor Jon~ CP was way to 'pro' for kayaking, leaving him to do most of the kayaking himself LOL
initial plan was me and Jon on one canoe, it would be disastrous if CP and sotong were on the same canoe =O wanna know why? lemme tell u!~ xD

Coz CP is a very VERY cool person!
maybe too cool for a hot kayaking session =O

cp : wow.. the sea so cool.. so lethargic..
Jon : Why la i get such a partner... whyyyyy??!!

Cp : why u shouting so syok? i oso wan! "AAAHHHHH!!"

And the squid.. is more of a 'relaxing' person... <_<
Sotong : aaaaahhhh~~
Carson : okay lor, lets rest dulu~
(maybe thats how we got left behind so far back at one point =O)

Just started, still semangat-ed =P

Sam and Nicholas *Pancing pancing*

Tc~ YL~

me : hey look! a mermaid over there! faster see!!

Sotong and I~

Yen Wynn ~ such a happi boii xD


Time to race! To the jetty go go go!

Runner up~
Tc : Im cool~

2nd runner up~


What happens after that?

Jon : rest 1st lar wei... ><

Some pretty nice rocks and sceneries xD

So we continue kayaking~ looking at stuffs~


Dun worry! help is coming!


Nah!! we're owh kay! xD
Sam : walaueh!! capsize hen fun yi sia eh!! xP

As we reach our own resort, the resting point~ everyone rushed for a drink! Quite tiring as well~


kesian budak nih..

Jon complaining to nic =P

While others just laugh it off as a joke =D

time to kayak again~ bunch of happee ppl =D
CP : can i swim there instead ar? see i so tired coz u never follow my words of wisdom.. -.-
Jon : u better kayak harder or i'll whack u so hard that blood start spilling outta ur eyes!

Yun Leng went back to her room at the resting spot, she wasn't feeling that good =\
so Tc had to kayak all the way to return the canoe~ really strong man ;P
Ahahhaa~~ and so~~ we reached!! thats one whole lap around the island! xD
Then we spent quite some time at the beach over at Lang Sari~ It was still considered on high tide, altho it wasnt as high as when we arrived this morning~

and OMG!! Water was crystal clear u could see fishes swimming past ur toes! They were a bit hard to spot, since they kinda camouflage and blend in with the sand colour @@ did a lot of things here lol~

Can see our muscles grew anot? LOL

Whacking sandballs at each other ><

Sand spa? @@||

Resting from the tiring kayak session~

Jon : Based on my experience, energy drains faster while kayak-ing if CP is ur partner and
it is proven

Enjoying it

Nic n Yen Wynn *peace*

Maner boleh kurang picture I!! xD

eeeeeee =D

Mystical Sea Squid Maiden

Mystical Sea Frog Prince

Mystical Sea Notts Peep! =O

The Hunger~ =(

And its time to say goodbye to this pleasant beach =) Owh owh~ we didn't get back on time for lunch. Lunch time was 12pm-2pm i think, and we reached our resort at around 2.30pm. We survived the afternoon with bread and biscuits xP Not to forget, some survived with PSP <_<||

Balik balik~

Simply breathtaking =O

This too is breathtaking~ =D

Was looking for food at the west wing on the way back to east wing~

Guess theres none =(

Nvm ler, got big mirror to snap pics mah ~ =P

Back on the road~

The only person who was burnt this badly among all of us =O
Why u ask?
Jon : coz I was kayaking more than cp! i sweat damn a lot and
took of my shirt lar!!

Poor thing? dumb nut? u decide =)


We didn't do much i the evening~ Nic, Jon and Sam went to the sea for fishing session~ they erm... 'risked' their lives to fish for our dinner =) Tc and Yun Leng were probably paktor-ing some where again~ that'll leave the 5 remaining ppl to sit somewhere~ and chit chatted ( gossip?) our time away~ time flew and its dinner time ~

Where are they? im very hungry.. =(

So am I...

Wait for everyone 1st lar, dun so bad ^^

Ok lor... get some magazine 1st

I not hungry already, u all eat lar o_o

Yen wynn's fav pose again!
(if u follow my last few entries, u know what is it! ;D)

Hungryyy T_T


The fish they caught was ready!
Pretty good catch~

Sweet n Sour =D

but.. our main dish haven't come ;(

Waited for around 30-40 mins for our meals =( and ala carte stuff wasn't cheap there! (Today was an extension, no buffet meals were included in our extension ;P )

At night we played Mafia! And i was the first solo killer to win!~ *bangga* xD Its one of my favorite card games when man ppl are around~ for those who dont know what is it, let me give u an idea of how is this game played~ SKIP TO "~*~*~*~*" ONWARDS IF U DONT WANNA READ THEM GAME INSTRUCTIONS =P

There are 4 different kinds of character you can play, Killer, Healer, Spy and Villager(commoner)~
There would usually be only one Spy and Healer, while the number of Killers are set depending on how many people playing the game. A set of cards are assigned as Villagers, while special characters are usually the King, Queen, Jack or Ace. So all these cards (equivalent to number of players) are messed around facing down , and everyone gets to pick one card and see it without letting others know their card. And yeah, there would be a narator to observe the whole game and to give instructions~

The game goes like this, everyone closes their eyes as instructed by the narator. Then, he would ask the killer to open his/her eyes~ and killer would then point at a person, to kill that specific person~ Then the Healer would be asked to open his/her eyes after the killer closed his/her eyes~ This person would than pick a person to heal~ If coincidentally, the killer and healer picks the same person, then that person would not be killed(will be announced by the narator after a round ends).
Then it would be the spy's turn, after the healer closes his/her eyes~ He would pick a person whom he thinks is the killer, then the narator would indicate whether or not the person he picked was the killer~

After all the special character's turns are over, everyone would be asked to open their eyes~ and narator announces whether or not someone died~ a dead person would turn to a ghost, he can observe the whole game but is NOT ALLOWED to speak or get involve in anything. Finally, there would be a discussion among everyone, to vote a person out of the game, a person they think would be the potential killer~This is also the most interesting part of a round to me xD and then the cycle repeats until either the Killer dies, or all the villagers die~ ;P


Objectives differ among characters~:
Killer-kill all vilagers!
Healer-save people!
Spy- find out who is the killer and convince everyone about it!
Villagers- uh... just be smart and find out whos the killer =)

The manipulative one >=)
Me : jkkk jkkkkk impossible im the killer lerrr~

Very interesting game, should try it out!~ the whole mafia session were full of laughter~ especially when it held such great deal of suspense ;D yen wynn was uhmm.. the most talkative ghost LOL!

After that, we discussed about a few issues regarding our trip home~ Sotong and I have to get home the next day itself, any plans to extend would be troublesome since she had to prepare for her trip to US while I had to get Lin Choong's racquet back to him before he return to penang =\
I'd rather not talk about the details of what we discussed, its pretty boring anywayz~ then off to bed we go xD


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Btw...OMG!!! THAT BLACK CATTTT!!! I WANTTTTTT!!! lah, still my Kitty more good looking XD

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