Trip to Lang Tengah~ day THREE

Thx for visiting again~
And thx for having as much patience waiting for this post
as I had when sorting out the pics~ ;D


Incase u've forgotten, I went to Lang Tengah, Terengganu! ;D

25 MAY 2009~

The nothing-ness~

Another great day. Most highlights of the day were from spending the afternoon/evening at the beach itself =) Supposed to go kayaking~ but somehow most of us didnt wake up in the morning~ which resulted to plain lepaking =O

First thing we did was to have uh.. lunch! =P a few of us managed to get uo for breakfast tho~ After breakfast, some of us went back to have a short 'nap' of some sort ~ know what i mean ;P
When I look out of my window before lunch time, this is what caught my attention:~

They're at it again =P

Being the nice people we are, Jon and I decided to wait for them fisherz(sam and nick) to have lunch together~ It is also partially because of the heave breakfast we took xD Meanwhile, we walked down to their fishing rock to check them out~ pics taken are from yen wynn's SLR, since he allowed me to 'play around with it' a lot =D so some credits belong to him~

Jon caught stealing food!

Getting down to the 'fishing rock' ~

While others were eating happily =\

Eat 1st ler~
Yen Wynn: they wont die of hunger wan ler~ so much food!

As we reach the rock~

Any guesses? How he disappeared?!

Chill lar.. he was in the sea! Doing what?...

Snorkeling!! For what?...

Ahem.. he was 'scanning' for fishes =P
Sam: there there there got fish, cast there sure get one!

Jon tries~ Cool pic yeah? just ignore the results of his tries tho..

The others, who were eating up there =O

While i was stuck at the rocks =O

With my ex-roommate Jon! =P

By the time we return.. most of them already finished their food ;P
CP : pon pon pata pon!

After lunch, everyone went back to their own rooms to prepare themselves. Purpose of preparation? Nobody knows!! xP I have no idea how everybody ended up at the beach, doing nothing at all =.=|| Somehow someway, these activities just came up spontaneously, which took a great deal of our time =)

Yun Leng, too busy for a pic =_=||
YL: nah nah i pose liao.. faster take!

I was most probably walking around snapping nice pics

While jojo took a short nap~

A while later, people came to bug him! =D

So he went to somewhere more relaxing~

To continue..

Blek =P

The Beach Games~
Out Some time later, we kinda borrowed a volleyball from the resort~ and started playing some beach volleyball. At the same time, I asked sotong for a favour since she was going up to change~ And my frisbee disc is down! ;D It was tiring and fun at the same time playing all these stuff~ owh yea! CP got his football with down some time later too! ~ Volleyball kinda hurt my eyes tho... I whacked it when its covered in sand(unintentional), sand got into my eyes.. Happened more than ONCE lol! @@|| And yeah, some credit from pics at this point onwards goes to Sotong and her digital cam =)

Let the games begin!

Adrenaline pumping ><||

Victory dance~

Victory pose! xD



CP: haiya u all so noob.. I come help u all lar..

CP : Actually I pro in picking balls only =P

Owh owh by the way!! Don't you readers notice that a few people were missing from action?
Yen wynn played a little bit of beach volleyball before snapping pics of us playing~
Sam and Jun Hin joined in the fun after he finished his fishing session~
While sotong...
Where could she be?

No idea! @@

But actually...
Sotong : Jon looked so comfortable a while ago~

My turn xD

Mr. Sand Man

And since Jon was already covered in sand~ he offered us HIS BODY =O
for our group's 'never ending full of nonsense' activity!~~ =D


People having fun torturing him~

Nick the manhood designer~

Im so sexay @@||

I said i gave my body.. not my head!

Yun Leng was fascinated =O

And the results~ =D


After a while it was time for a change~ time for some frisbee!~ at first we were just tossing around~ I kinda taught them how to throw the basics~ and after some time when they got used to the throws, its game time!! Played some sort of mini-game i thought of~


Ini macam ini macam~

Take this!

Lemme try new technique!

Imma getcha!

This is a great shot!

This ain't =\

At the other side of the beach, the other guys were futsal-ing~ Where theres CP, theres football!!

Jom ar~



My art for CP lol!

Ball boy~

Ball boyz in action

Ball girl =O

When we got tired, we just spent the rest of the evening at the beach~ If i remembered correctly, we didn't go to the west wing or anywhere else~ everything we did the whole evening was at the east wing, where our resort was located. @@|| The coming pics would pretty much explain what else we did before dinner at nite ;P

And there they go again <_<||>

This was a few minutes right after he casted the line!

Some sotong art

This is true =)

This isn't =(

Wahh this is comfortable!
Eh? snap pic?
Cepat pose dulu!~ xD

Yen Wynn's fav pose: Acting Candid~

Some pregnant kid..

Sry mum n dad...
Mistake lai de T_T

Knock knock?

Whatever la~ sea breeze felt great!


"Feels so good it makes me wanna act candid even more"

Sea water felt even better!~

made sotong try it out!

The squid's side story~
After 15-20 mins chilling in sea water~ i went to check up on how were other people doing~ whether or not they enjoyed as much as i do~ Sam, Nick and Jon were fishing their time away~ Yen Wynn and Juni were victims of CP's new found photography skill~ AutoFocus! =P Tc and Yun Leng were probably paktor-ing somewhere else xP THEN when i spot the squid somewhere far away, she looked like she were in her own lil adventure... Thats when i crashed in! xD

*Climb Climb*

Some imba rocks and a squid~

A piece of nice rock we found =P
(with crabs around, as she claimed)
Shilei: eww ewww ewwww crabs! ><

Sand damn soft!! @@

What were the others doing? i wonder...

Same thing...

probably still testing out CP's new found skill..

Owh owh! we left something for the beach! ;P
Another sotong-ish story... i noticed on the way out, we didnt really have to climb through all those rocks to get into that spot!! =.=

Result of cp's new found skill...
(there were more than 15 pics like this in yen wynn's cam =.= )

Adidas =O

Feel the loveeeee of nature ~ LOL~ =)

The rest of the night were normal stuffz~ had dinner, played card games (mainly chor dai di) and PSP(Burn out yeah!! jon u noob!)~And ofcourse, laughed the night away with random jokes~ xD Pity we didnt took much pics of tonight~ but it'll save me from the troublesome part of choosing pics ;P Tee Hee~

Our 3rd day here and it was great!

To those who're planning for a trip~




Wadcha waiting for? ;P


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Anonymous June 12, 2009 at 12:27 PM  

darlinggg!! why didn't you write my name in the sandddd??! T.T !!

and love the beware of coconut falling photo!! =P YOU LOOKS SO ADORABLE IN ALL THE VOLLEYBALL PHOTOS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! :D

and great shot my foot =P =P go look at my superstar photo la, lagi great ok! =D

Carson Heng June 13, 2009 at 1:03 AM  

lol! someday we go write again then! xD

owh i know im adorable alrite ~~ x3
and i just checked ur pics out! lol so super-star-ish! xD

Anonymous June 14, 2009 at 10:20 PM  

You know what, Samantha just re-married me again Facebook = =
Samantha is a kaki relationship *sigh*
Psst...don't tell her I got an indian wife outside pregnant with my child...wahahaha!!!

Great photos!! XD The place is nice ^^ Oh yeah, you look like a dog in one of those photos XD

Carson Heng June 16, 2009 at 12:27 AM  

pregnant indian wife? @@ i better not get involved with ur relations <_<||

and thx LOL

Anonymous June 16, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

Ee Jane: i've read that :-w

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