LOL punye outting~

~The LOL-ness~

Last Friday, I had a job interview over at The Gardens. It was at 2.30pm over at Mid Valley's office~ When I was informed about the interview a day before that Friday, i was kinda exited~ First thing that comes to my mind was "eh.. since its at 2.30pm, why not ajak some friends to hang out there as well? xD"

The thought of not seeing Tay Ho Ming for a long time made me call him up~ I also wanted to see him before his flight to Canada somewhere in august. So i called a few other friends who would meet up on that day~ Since Deepak ffk-ed last minute (as usual =P ), there were only 4 ppl; me, khris, ivan and tay~

That morning, Ivan came over to pick me up from my house at around 10.30am. We went to campus first, since he wanted to collect his results while me myself erm.. had some stuff to settle there xP We were suppose to meet the others at 12.30 in Mid Valley. HOWEVER, we were held back by Ivan's tutor, who wasn't in his office until 12pm+. We ended up leaving campus at around 12.45pm (ini lah kebenaran, khris xP).

We kinda scammed Khris, telling him we were 'on the way' when we left campus =P But the REAL major cause for us being late was LOOKING FOR A PARKING LOT! Ivan drove up and down a few floors hunting for parking lots. Did that for probably half an hour or longer.

zzz bile nak dapat parking lot niiiii...

Stupidest thing was THIS:

Me: weh ivan.. lets just stop aside and camp oni lar.. we're always too late, many cars ahead of
us lar..

Ivan: errrr ok ok.. where to camp?

Me: *points to the left* here lar, no other cars camping here.

Ivan: behind got car eh..

Me: signal left, just let him pass oni~

Ivan: *signals left*

me: * spotting for cars leaving infront of us*

Nice camp spot, no cars ahead =D

These sounds pretty normal doesn't it? READ ON!

Both: *looks at car behind*

car behind: *drives pass us*


*reverses into a parking slot located diagonally right in front of us*

Both: *dumbfounded* =O!!! wth?!

That was it. I was pretty sure those indian dudes in the car were laughing at our stupidity -.-
At the end, we followed some people who were leaving and parked at their slot when they left <_
Look at that heavenly lot!
*shines* wheres the entrance??

It was already 2pm then, so i went for my interview first and met up with them at around 3.30pm to watch Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen! OMG its one of the best movies I've seen! The whole movie was great in many ways! Storyline, plot, graphics, action etc etc etc++ everything was damn good! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! =D

Right after that, we went to shop for a present.

Tay with his perverted thoughts <_<||
(tay seorang budak baik, terlalu baik =O )

Tay wanted to get a gift for his mother since it was her birthday ;P ~~ Everyone helped out (sorta) to look for interesting things. Things waren't as smooth with ppl like us around though =S Following pics would do the explanations~

Rajin~ anak baik~

Biar abang khristie tolong mu~


Can't help it, we're really good at this! Look at what we suggested! =D

Hey! get this cute bear!

So she can pose with it when she is bored!

Or eat it when she is hungry! xD

Tay!! get this!

so she can cheer u up when u're down

Get her this plastic bottle! so she can bring water to work!

Get her stickers! So she stick it all over her stuff!

Get her this patung-ish thing! Tell her how much it resembles her!

Buy her a new maid! So she can rest more at home!

Get her some horny puppies!

Get her some caressing ribbons!

Ivan came in to help!
Ivan: lemme sms ask ppl see what they suggest~

Ivan: Its decided...

Lets get her something more practical =D
Ivan: have u ever wished that you are like this frog?
(non-explicit way of putting it)

Khris: I think what i suggested earlier was better than this, Ivan..

At the end, Tay got his mum some sorta mirror-ish tablet with some motherly poem on it for 5 bucks @@|| After walking around for some time, we sat down for some ice cream~ chit chatted mean while~ introduced Dragonica to Tay and Khris too! =P Finally, we parted ways and went home at around 8pm~ I was glad that ktm wasn't as stuffed as it should xD~ That was some fun outing~ Tay! all the best! make sure you come online too when you're at Canada! xD


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Anonymous July 3, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

Ooh..I watch it last Friday too XD I don't remember watching the first one though O.o

Anonymous July 3, 2009 at 6:06 PM  

i last watched... terminator salvation and night in the museum 2 :D

Carson Heng July 3, 2009 at 11:34 PM  

damn nice kan?! xD
watch the 1st one oso lar, maybe u'll like it too!~

go watch transformers 2!!! GOOOOO!!! >=D

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