Lawli pop~

So many things to update about! Lately I've been getting busier and busier because of the pink season( a type of salmon). Everyday it has been scandals work sleep work sleep. sorting lotsa lotsa pics for my future updates. This post was just to show that I'm surviving well :D A bit more than 3 weeks and I'll be travelling around!~ In the blink of an eye, I'd be back studying in Semenyih once more.

Just the thought of leaving this place makes me wonder, will anyone miss me when I'm gone? I know I'm already starting to miss a few who already left. In a few weeks, a few more good friends will leave. On those days, I'd promise to get up in the morning to send them off no matter how tired I am. However, I wonder how many would do the same for me? There won't be many good friends left in this plant by that time anyway :\

I feel really down when I come to realise I won't be seeing these people in a looooooong time. Each of us will be back to our own life in our respective countries. I've always known that I really hate goodbyes, but coming to Alaska made me realise that it would feel worse without a proper farewell. So yeah, appreciate presences of your friends while you can, even if you know they'll stick around for the time being!

AHOY FISHERMEN! Start getting me more fish!

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ee jane August 12, 2010 at 6:48 AM  

I've friend that i won't be seeing in a while 0.o or long while 0.o, always makes me feel safer to have their contacts =D

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