My Alaskan Summer 2010 (2)

life at the cannery couldn't be any more boring. It will get tiring when there is too much work or otherwise, boring if there isn't much work. It is because of such boredom that people start playing random games just to kill time. Who would have thought that these little things we do to kill time could be so much fun! :P

In fact, the salmon seasons are like a scientific SIN graph (sry me nerd boii). They come and go in such pattern which gave us so much free time at a certain period. Besides playing ping pong most of the time, we play a little card game once in a while where the loser gets "punished" >=) .

Working in a fish processing, I can ask for fish to cook. Salmon is very expensive in malaysia, of course I spammed fish like crazy! Nah, not as much as you think actually, only occasionally =)

Sometimes I would get too lazy to cook anyway. Cooking itself is fine, washing the dishes is not something I like to do. I had a solution to that though, every time my roommate and I want to cook, we would cook more for my friend CP and then he do the dishes! :DD Save us the trouble of scraping pans and plates!

Thanksss CP! :D

I also hang out around at the kitchen some times after dinner (especially when internet's down). Just lepak-ing with other friends there, chatting through the night. Many times when there aren't people around, I'd like to bring my keyboard there to play some music. The skies there are AWESOMELY clear and starry!

Great cooks!


Random moments in the kitchen~

When conversations go wrong. LOL!


Walaa! I'm currently at San Francisco spending the last few days of my travel. This city is not as what I imagined. It is wayyyyy different from that hot cozy warm city I had in mind. Probably because of the end of summer, the weather here is very cooling and foggy! Plus, the internet at this hotel kinda suck. Owh well, good night!


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ee jane September 18, 2010 at 4:41 PM  

*high 5* I also malas cuci, wakakak XD

Nice kitchen XD

Tsend-Ayush November 1, 2010 at 9:03 PM  

miss u. <3 u Carson hongor minee,,,it's very amazing and wonder and interestin and penetrant Blog!!!

~i miss all of Alaskan thing!!!

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