A "RUN" to the beach~

For all the Sundays and Mondays so far, work hours were not that long. Like today I only worked for 3 hours. Then we went shopping (weekly routine) at Fred Meyers. Good thing about that place is that it has different sales all the time! Today I bought a leather wallet for only 15$! It was 30$ with a 50% discount, so it was cheap! Not to forget, it is of good quality ;D There were many other brands like Dockers and stuff. American brands are so much cheaper here as well! Imagine getting a Levi's jeans for less than 30-40$! Its gonna be a long shopping spree after work!

Awesome deal!

Later that evening, a bunch of friends and I went down to the beach. On the way there, Chris and I was kicking all the dandelions along the path. We regretted doing so. Why? After a while, I think we might have kicked a wrong spot and huge mosquitoes started swarming out of the bush, hovering all over us! Thats when we decided to make a run for it! we ran for probably 100-150 meters away LOL!

Hie, nice to meet you.. living beings..

As we reach, we started snapping pics here there everywhere. Then we tossed a frisbee to kill some time there. Oh guess what! Along the beach, there was a carcass of a shark LOL! Chris and Junino reached a bit later. Chris was the most striking thing on the beach, SERIOUSLY! He wore red from head to toe!

beautiful beach ;)

A few days ago, I was spending a lot of time thinking of all the imba frisbee moments that I could recall. From our first win at Connexion Tourney to Notts Hat League. I miss playing a game of ultimate pick up! Normal disc tossing doesn't seem to satisfy my desire for hardcore pumping adrenaline! Owh well, Until then, ciao!



YES! I saw a moose! Yesterday, Colton, Denys and I went out of the plant and we decided to take the "nature trail". Then we heard some noise which Colton was certain it came from a moose. After looking around us, we spotted a moose and a calf! It was about 15 meters away, but man that mama moose was staring at us! We snapped a pic and hurried off, quite scary. Don't wanna get trampled over by some Alaskan animal yo!

Hah! Moose!

And of course, pics snapped during the adventure :P

And yes! At work, I got moved to an easier position~ Just to slice open salmon's stomach and thats it, so much easier to do! Catch is, there isn't much time to rest like before. Have to work non-stop!~ I've been getting a lot of hours too ;) until next time, bye!

More to come~


Exploring Kenai~

Howdy people! Whats up?~

Just to update you guys, things been great!

With LOTSA fish

Met some nice people around~
Like Denis and Colton here~

And Martin over here that likes asian women =P

Yesterday I only had 1 hour of work time due to low amount of salmon~ I went out shopping at 3 different supermarkets LOL! Walmart, Fred Meyer and Three Bears lol! Thanks to Martin for driving us around~ We explored a few areas of Kenai ;D

Thanks! :D

Really a lot of nature around ~

After shopping, we went over to Martin's place, He has 3 huge dogs and a cute lil black pomeranian. That lil dog is very friendly! But when it concerns his lil squishy ball, he turns fierce! =P

You no take me ball!

His parents were really nice people, his mum cooks pretty tasty stuff too! Went there to chill a bit, then continued exploring places. Places like, Kenai River? ;P It looks much better than any sungai in Kajang, thats for sure hahaha!

Kenai River~

Sitting under the bridge~

Enjoyed the day exploring the town of Kenai~ Visited some interesting places. So far, I haven't seen any of the "unique animals" here yet! Have yet to see any moose or seals yet.. but I'll definitely share it with you guys when I do spot any ;P

I'll take care, make sure you all do too! ;)


BIG FISH small fish!

My job up til now(second day) involves cutting up the main artery of the salmon and remove its blood clot. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? But nah, ain't that bad. Fish there are fresh and doesn't stink! ;) I'm getting pretty good at it too~!

Up till now, 3 other people mentioned that I speak good English, bangga! :D People here are pretty nice. The lady that sells snacks is cute too. hehe. =P

Today's work was a bit more physically taxing as it was much colder. It drizzled pretty much the whole day today. Worked from 10am to around 10.45pm, now thats a lot of hard work alright! But Throughout today's tough job, I was smiling to myself most of the time. Thoughts of playing BIG FISH small fish with frisbee seniors keep flashing in my brain LOL! I'm missing those good times already! ;D

KIND OFF settled down~

Lemme quickly show you around my room! Too tired to type any longer!

My dorm~

Narrow Dorm Hallway~

My bed after it is made~

Where I do my Laundry~

The refrigerator beside the open air kitchen~

Work place, admin office up the stairs~

The break room, ONLY PLACE WITH WIFI!

Inside the break room:
Chairs and tables~

Sofas and ping pong tables? :D

Back outside, the dock~

AND FINALLY, the scenery around it:


PS: ohdamnI'msofreakingtirednowbb

EDITED: Forgot to mention, all pics are taken at around 7-8 PM! Theres close to no night time at all ;)

The One Long Journey!~

I'm finally at Alaska now! After more than 30 hours of travelling! Don't wanna share much about the flights and journeys, they're pretty much the same at every airport anyways~ So I'll just share a few pics la hmm? Owh btw, who would've thought that we could bump into Caleb there along with Steph and Sam LOL!

Serious face punya Caleb =O


And Steph!

Also meet up with Jon's gang
(Me myself, Kah Fai, Link Er, Keiron in between, Sze Jin, Long Jon)

Cute lil Jap girl at Tokyo =3

Thats about it for the journey, sharing stories about it just makes me feel all tired once again :P
Oh anyway, I woke up at 5am+ local time here. I was so tired yesterday that I actually slept at around 5pm+, and thats 12 hours of sleep! <3 30 ="P

Walking there~

For this morning, the weather looked really good, so I put on my sweater and grabbed my camera out for a walk. It feels really nice to be somewhere different for a change~ Being foreign somewhere just makes everything around so new ;P Its quite cold in the morning too, maybe a few degrees C lower than Genting's temperature. NICE.

Where I spent the night~

Empty streets in the morning.

I can even do this :P

When the wind blows, my face literally frozed