Hey Heyyyy Sexayyyy!~

Hi there!
Its been a year and a half eh? Seeing these old posts, they reminded me of so many different experiences! I am especially touched by the older ultimate related posts in my blog. Stories where it all begin, and the history of my number 00 itself. 

Looking back, I can definitely see I've came a looooooong way to where I am now! With a different mindset and different priorities, I've grown so much! (both mentally and physically... sideways..) What else have I been up to hmm... The month of June had been an AWESOME travelling month! From Taiwan for visiting to the UK for Ultimate Frisbee, so much to share.

However, I'll go ahead and be lazy on it. Future endeavors will definitely be updated. So many happened in such a short time, even me myself get confuse sometimes wondering which fantasy am I still stuck in. 

Currently, I've been working on losing weight. Tourney coming up next weekend, time to shed of all those Taiwan and UK calories that came home with me. I know I've been going on about this for ages, but this time, its a totally different motivation. I believe I could go pretty far this time! This time, I planned a before after picture to PROVE my future success. You heard me, THIS IS HAPPENING!


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