6 days left!~

My parents just gave me a pre-departure lecture, along with all the USD I might need when I first get there. As most parents would advice, I sat and listen like I usually do (no sex, no drugs, etc etc). I still remember there was this one time my mum said "in case of anything, remember to use a condom!" and I totally stunned there LOL!

Tomorow morning, my parents would be flying on a vacation to Hong Kong. Which also means that after tonight, I won't be seeing them until probably 4 months later! Going to miss many people in Malaysia and you might just be one of them! ;D

Won't be able to laze around in the mornings..
makan pillow!

Definitely gonna miss some idiots, here are some whose pics are conveniently lying around my desktop =X


Theres a world out there, waiting for me to explore ;)


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Samantha May 24, 2010 at 11:33 PM  

are u gonna miss me too? *shys*

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