Meet my new partner, P100! ;D ~

Its during the PC fair weeks ago when I bought myself a new camera~ The Nikon Coolpix P100 is now officially my digital eye! Although many people suggested that I go for an SLR instead of a bridge camera like P100, I still decided to get it anyway. Why you ask? It was semi-sponsored by my dad. LOL.

Yes its freaking long at full zoom.

DSLR cameras are a bit out of my budget for now. Those which I can afford, does not support video recording which is quite a must for me. Since I'm going to work in the US for the coming summer break, might as well get a better DSLR then if I decide to. Moreover, my new partner has BRILLIANT HD recording functions! It can go sporty too, recording up to 120 fps and 240 fps IN SLO-MO (awesome stuff!).

Picture quality ain't DSLR quality, but it is of good quality. One thing I find impressive is the burst mode going up to 10 fps at FULL SIZE. Not to forget, I am pretty impressed by the 26x optical zoom(aperture drops though). It has several functions for both amatuer-advanced level users and beginner point-and-shoot users. I am somewhere stuck in between, still exploring different functions and different effects of photography~

Enough talk, photo sample time~ First day test results, I'm pretty sure it can do better though (I'm not totally noob.. okay maybe I am =\ ). At the same time, showing off my new University of Nottingham sweater ;D

Dude, say hi to them readers.
P100 : *whispers* hiiii~
Me : WTH!

All time favorite background!
(because its the nicest I can get in my room)

Red, not a good colour to ber-emo.
(There were other colours available, I like this one the most.
Other colours appeared boring in my opinion, but looked good
and suited many other people ;D )

I got mine customized~! ;D

Hoping to take more nice pictures in Alaska next month! Shall start improving now~ until next time, ciao!~


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ee jane May 1, 2010 at 1:57 PM  

LOL! Yeah, its a nice colour ^^

Hmm....will you be sitting on your name when you sit? XP XP

Carson Heng May 2, 2010 at 2:18 AM  

Didn't really pay attention to that.. probably not kua =P

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